We're obsessed with the star's "something blue" look.

By Emily Platt
August 20, 2018
Rihanna Grammy Awards 2017
Credit: Getty Images

You already know that you should choose your bridesmaids carefully-you'll want the best of the best supporting you on your big day. But one bride just took her wedding party to the next level: She chose her good friend Rihanna to stand by her side. Naturally, the "Love On The Brain" singer rose to the occasion (again!) without stealing major attention away from the bride.

Multiple fan sites have shared photos documenting the singer's experience at the Barbados wedding of her close pal, Sonita Alexander. The snapshots show Rihanna getting ready with the bride, posing with her fellow bridesmaids, and fulfilling her duty at the wedding ceremony. Rihanna wore a deep blue dress for the event, plus matching eyeliner on her lower lids-talk about a chic "something blue" look!

This isn't the first time the star has served as a wedding attendant. Back in 2015, she stepped out in a pink-and-purple gown for her assistant Jennifer Rosale's nuptials in Hawaii. There, she was also captured posing with the bridal crew.

While we don't know how many other marriages Rihanna has witnessed or participated in, we do know one that she definitely skipped-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding! Prior to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's momentous affair, she was asked if she made it onto the guest list. "Why would you think I'm invited?" she responded, before admitting that she didn't even know the big event was coming up. "Oh, shoot! I need to stay on the Internet more," she confessed.


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