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It's safe to say that bridal beauty typically involves a lot of planning, which means you'll definitely want to schedule at least one or two hair and makeup trials before the big day. With that said, it's not just about quantity: It's equally important to make sure you get as much out of each session as possible. In order to walk away from any pre-wedding beauty trial feeling successful, you'll want to ask your hairstylist and makeup artist all the right questions. What are they? We consulted two top bridal beauty experts to find out which five questions they hope all brides-to-be will ask.

Ask About Timing

Given that you are probably going to be on a very tight schedule on the day of your wedding, Mar R., Creative Director of TEAM Hair & Makeup says that it's always important to ask about timing at any trial session, especially since she says artists typically allow two hours for hair and makeup application on the big day. Factoring timing beforehand will not only prevent any unwanted bridal beauty disasters, but it will also ensure you walk down the aisle on time.

Ask How Long Your Makeup Should Last

Mar R. says this is another important question for summer brides to ask, as heat and humidity are environmental factors you'll likely face once the temperatures heat up. With that said, she recommends asking your makeup artist how long your look should last, and if he or she has any makeup sealers on hand to help keep your mascara and foundation looking flawless all day long.

Ask Which Brands They Will Use

Mar R. also recommends asking your makeup artist which brands they will use, as she says you may want to inquire about using products you're more familiar with if not. This is extremely important for those who typically use hypoallergenic products, as you'll definitely want to avoid any potential allergic reactions on your big day.

Ask About Changing Anything That Makes You Uncomfortable

Teddi Cranford, owner of White Rose Collective, feels that brides should always express their concerns at any hair or makeup trials, especially if a potential look isn't something they truly love. Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, so you want to make sure your hair and makeup reflect that. "If you are not happy, make sure you are able to express why," Cranford says. "Remember this day is all about you, and that the glam is a massive part of it."

Ask If Your Trial Can Be Collaborative

Although brides should feel encouraged to speak up, Cranford says a trial should always be 100 percent collaborative. This means not waiting till the last minute to express any doubts you may be having, and asking your artist to weigh in on their ideas, too. "On this day you want to look and feel like the best version of you," Cranford says. "Sometimes, to get there, it takes effective communication from you as well as the hair and makeup team."


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