It will really depend on the salon you're visiting, but generally speaking, you'll need an appointment in order to try on bridal gowns.
wedding dress rack shopping with grandma
Credit: Diane Hu

Shopping for a wedding dress is an entirely different experience than shopping for just about anything else. It usually requires professional help to find a gown that fits your vision and makes you feel incredible, and you'll also need assistance physically getting in and out of every dress you want to try on. For those reasons, it's essential that you have the help of a consultant while you shop for your dream wedding dress, which begs the question: Can you ever arrive at a salon without notice for a walk-in appointment?

The short answer is yes, some bridal salons allow walk-in appointments, but you'll have to go during the week outside of prime hours in order to be lucky enough to find a free consultant and open fitting room. And just because some salons will allow it, nine times out of ten they'll prefer if you call ahead and make an appointment. "Most specialty bridal stores are by appointment only due to the intimate salon experience," Mark Ingram, owner of New York City's Mark Ingram Atelier, says.

Anna Walsh, owner of anna bé bridal boutique in Denver, Colorado, says, "It's unlikely that right when you walk in there will be someone who is available, but if it's a weekday and you call us first thing in the morning we can usually juggle the schedule to make something work for same-day appointments." It's worth a try calling in the morning to see if the salon you'd like to visit can fit you in on a time crunch, especially if there's a cancelation.

Although it's hard to find a bridal consultant to help you when you walk in, most salons will allow you to browse and get a feel for what you're looking for in a gown without trying any on. "When you are trying on expensive dresses, in white nonetheless, it takes a skilled set of hands to help you, so that's something that requires scheduling," Laine List, founder of Lovely Bride explains.

If you walk by a bridal salon and see your dream dress in the window, by all means, browse inside and see if you're lucky enough to try it on then and there. At the very least, you can walk out of the store with an appointment to try on as many dresses as you want in an hour-long appointment.


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