Is your ring too tight or too loose? Most jewelers can fix both.
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Your husband-to-be lovingly searched for the perfect engagement ring, but despite his best efforts to gauge your size, it's easy to make a mistake at the jewelry store. Or maybe you purchased your wedding band early on, but now it's sliding around on your finger. Whether your ring is too tight to slide past your knuckles or so loose that it nearly falls off, there's no need to worry. An experienced jeweler can almost always resize your bling for a perfect fit. Here's everything you need to know about engagement ring and wedding band resizing.

Two Types of Resizing

A too-large ring needs to be tightened for a comfortable fit. The jeweler will remove a piece of band and solder the edges together, resulting in a smooth and blemish-free finish. If your ring is too tight, your jeweler can do one of two things: They'll either stretch the band (most can usually go up to a half-size bigger) or add additional metal to make it larger.

Who Should Resize the Ring?

If you need your wedding band resized, it's best to find a reputable jeweler with past experience. A lackluster job could result in visible depressions, discoloration, and increased proneness to breakage. The jeweler may give you a temporary fix, such as a ring guard, before completing the job.

Can My Ring Be Resized?

First and foremost, determine if your engagement ring or wedding band can be resized. Softer metals like gold and sterling silver can be easily manipulated, making it almost always possible to adjust them. Platinum rings have higher melting point, making damage a greater possibility. It's best not to resize hard metals like titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten due to the difficulty of cutting the material. What's more, jewelers may be hesitant to work with bands containing gemstones or engravings; these may become warped and damaged during the process.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of resizing depends on several factors: type of metal, thickness, intricacy of the band, and amount of resizing needed. In general, thicker bands with elaborate detail are the most expensive to resize, while simple bands cost significantly less. Expect to pay around $50-$75 for the average job.

When Should I Resize It?

Most jewelers can complete the task in one or two weeks, depending on the difficulty of the work and the jeweler's schedule. If the band has elaborate detail, expect the process to take several weeks longer.


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