Do you and your fiance have a book or passage that's especially meaningful to you -- your vows, perhaps? Turn it into a boutonniere by photocopying or printing out the text and punching it into floral shapes. It won't merely survive your wedding day -- it'll last through your golden anniversary.

Tools & Materials

The Punch Bunch punches: Mega Sunflower, Mega Big Sky Flake, and Mega Giant Oak Leaf

Gold card stock

Old book or other double-sided printed matter

1/8-inch hole punch

Chain-nose pliers

22-gauge white floral stem wire

White floral tape


Punched-Out Boutonniere How-To

1. Punch out four sunflowers from printed paper. Make one sky flake out of the gold card stock. With the hole punch, punch a hole in the center of each sunflower and sky flake. Stack all the shapes on top of each other, with the gold sky flake on top.

2. Using the pliers, bend one end of a 5-inch piece of floral stem wire into a loop. Slide the other end of the floral wire through the center of all the punch-outs.

3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have three flowers.

3. Gather flowers together, and twist the three strands of floral wire together to make one stem. Snip stem so it's about 2 inches long. Fluff and pleat the paper petals to give them shape.

4. Punch out one giant oak leaf from the gold card stock. Place stem of leaf at the base of the flowers, and attach with a small piece of floral tape. Wrap the entire flower stem with floral tape, securing the leaf stem as well.

5. Wrap the stem with decorative ribbon by laying one end of ribbon across end of stem, and winding the other end upward. Glue top end of ribbon.


Mega Sunflower Punch, $15.99; Mega Big Sky Flake, $15.99; and Mega Giant Oak Leaf, by The Punch Bunch, from Scrappily Ever After

22-gauge White Floral Stem Wire and White Floral Tape Stem Wrap, Save On Crafts


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