The photograph says it all.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Credit: Getty Images

Yes, Meghan Markle did attend Pippa Middleton's wedding-didn't you guys have any faith in the royal blessing she received? While tradition dictated that she couldn't sit-in on the ceremony, she joined her boo Prince Harry at the reception. In fact, Harry drove an estimated 100 miles just to pick her up and bring her back to Bucklebury from Kensington Palace (where the Suits actress has been staying) reports E! News. If that's not commitment, we don't know what is.

As the couple arrived on-site at the Middleton estate, which served as the venue for the post-ceremony party, photographers snapped a photo of the camera-shy pair. Though the image isn't super clear, there's something easy to make out: the smiles on both of their faces. Is Markle grinning at one of Harry's jokes? Are they happy for the newlyweds? Or are they simply laughing at the absurd amount of attention they're receiving? Reception photographs of the two were in high demand, after all, which we're sure they were both aware of.

Aside from this photo, the couple stayed out of the spotlight, letting Mr. and Mrs. Matthews (deservedly) steal the show. They were said to quietly appear at the Middleton home at dusk, right as Supermarine Spitfire planes began the event's small air show. To get into the reception, each guest had a unique password. Wishful thinking has us hoping that Markle's was "Harry's soon-to-be-fiancée."


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