23 Ways to Arrange Red Wedding Centerpieces

wedding lounge area flowers couch pillows
Photo: Shannon Von Eschen

Get romantic inspiration for your reception decorations, featuring flowers like roses and peonies and colors like burgundy and crimson.

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wedding lounge area flowers couch pillows
Shannon Von Eschen

To many, red is the ultimate color of romance, which is why it's so frequently chosen to be used in weddings. Rich red shades are bold and vibrant, making them great for a strong color scheme. Meanwhile, pinker hues are soft and muted, lending themselves nicely to dreamier event designs. Whether it presents itself in regal jewel tones or in brighter, fiery palettes, red is incredibly versatile, which is another reason why it reigns as a wedding favorite.

One great way to use red in your wedding is to incorporate it into your reception's centerpieces. Tons of flowers, fruits, and foliage come in the color, and pretty accents—like candles and vases—also stun in shades of red. Red arrangements look especially saturated when placed on top of white linens, but can also be complemented by other vibrant or subtle colors on your tables. They also work well with metallics like silver and gold.

Before you dream up your own wedding centerpiece, look to these examples for inspiration. Using blooms ranging from roses to peonies and shades ranging from burgundy and berry to crimson and scarlet, each décor option embraces the color red. We've found floral arrangements from formal and casual weddings alike, and centerpieces that are modern, classic, rustic, and more. There are also selections for every season, because red shouldn't be limited to winter or fall. Browse through the complete roundup for great ideas for your own reception decorations, each of which beautifully and uniquely embraces the color of love.

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Saturated Centerpieces

red floral apple centerpiece
Gia Canali

These colorful centerpieces included fresh blooms like dahlias and roses, and were decorated with fresh fruit scattered around them. The arrangements were designed by Among the Wildflowers.

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Wide Centerpieces

red pink floral centerpiece
Jen Dillender Photography

Gold vases held white, red, and fuchsia flowers at this wedding. The centerpieces, which were created by Verbena Floral Design, popped against the black-and-white linens.

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Garland Centerpieces

red centerpiece candle flowers
Aria Studios

Tables at this wedding were lined with red and pink flowers, candles, and greenery, put together by Passion Roots.

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Candle Centerpieces

joanna jay wedding reception banquet table
Nina and Wes Photography

Planner Jaclyn Journey used red taper candles to add a pop of color to this wedding's reception tables.

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Leafy Centerpieces

red centerpiece
Clay Austin Photography

These unique arrangements, made by RiverOaks, contained red foliage.

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Overflowing Centerpieces

red centerpiece
Peter & Veronika

Moruska Design used foliage, berries, and scabiosa to arrange these tall red-and-purple centerpieces.

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Unique Centerpieces

red pink floral centerpiece gold vases
Lacie Hansen Photography

These interesting arrangements included ivy and other uncommon elements.

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Pink-and-Red Centerpieces

place settings
Michael Radford

Terra-cotta pots held garden roses, raspberry scabiosa, and dahlias on these fun, romantic tables.

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Muted Centerpieces

pink red floral centerpiece
Kylee Yee Photography

Uncommon red hydrangeas made these Jardin Divers centerpieces memorable.

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Ranunculus Centerpieces

red pink floral centerpiece
Lacie Hansen Photography

These little Arena's for Life arrangements featured red ranunculus flowers.

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Berry Centerpieces

abby elliott bill kennedy wedding table
Corbin Gurkin

At Abby Elliott and Bill Kennedy's wedding, the centerpieces included roses, assorted berries, chocolate and burgundy dahlias, andromeda, and seasonal foliage.

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Vibrant Centerpieces

glara matthew wedding table setting centerpiece
Heather Waraksa

These artistic red centerpieces were designed by Saipua. Bold red blooms and plenty of foliage made a striking contrast against the navy linens.

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Lush Centerpieces

reception table
The De Jaureguis

Pretty red flowers sat in vases on these reception tables. Pomegranates, figs, and lemons were scattered beneath them, driving the red theme home.

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Succulent Centerpieces

boxed floral succulent centerpiece
Pinkerton Photography

Green succulents, shown here, pair well with red and white flowers.

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Peony Centerpieces

hana olu wedding california table
Patrick Moyer

Big, blooming peonies took center stage in these red table decorations.

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Fruit Centerpieces

pink red floral gold vase centerpiece
Lacie Hansen Photography

Fruits were added to these cascading arrangements for an extra pop of color.

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Small Centerpieces

red green floral centerpiece
Sarah Kate Photography

Pink berries looked lovely in these mostly-red centerpieces from La Gardenia.

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Rich Centerpieces

yolanda cedric wedding table
Charla Storey Photography

The Southern Table created these deep-hued centerpieces using peonies, dahlias, and garden roses. They were complemented by pomegranates, artichokes, plums, and candles.

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Full Centerpieces

pink red green floral centerpiece
Tamara Grüner

Roses, berries, and more made up these whimsical centerpieces by European Flower Shop.

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Mismatched Centerpieces

Liz Banfield

"My big request to my florist was that no two arrangements on the tables look alike, and that they all be asymmetrical," this bride explained. Munster Rose delivered with these floral arrangements.

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Rustic Centerpieces


For these arrangements, mismatched silver vessels brimmed with poppies, peonies, bromeliads, allium, grasses, and ferns; butterflies and pheasant feathers added to the plucked-from-nature look.

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Mixed Centerpieces


Create a twist on a classic by bundling blooms together in every shade of red—from deep crimson to bright fuchsia—and displaying them on an all-white tablescape.

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Free-Form Centerpieces


A smattering of slim glass vases put loose, garden-style arrangements of dahlias, ranunculus, zinnias, nerines, scabiosa, and maiden-hair ferns on display.

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