The singer loves love!
Katy Perry crashing wedding

Katy Perry is all about love lately! Earlier this month, the star helped two fans get engaged at one of her concerts, and just took things a step further by crashing a wedding this weekend. Much to the surprise of the bride and groom, the musical artist walked right into their reception venue and danced with the newlyweds' guests. A local news station shared a clip of the singer's unexpected appearance, and Ray Prop Photography took snapshots.

Katy Perry crashing wedding

According to the source, Perry was performing in St. Louis, Missouri, over the weekend. Apparently, she had some free time on her hands, because she dropped by a wedding while she was in town. Bride Hayley Rosenblum and groom Blonie Dudney were in the middle of their reception when the celebrity entered the party.

Guests told the news station that Perry arrived toward the end of the event, and danced with the attendees for about 10 minutes before heading out. A video obtained by the outlet shows Perry having a blast busting some moves with the bride-who wore a Martina Liana dress-on the dance floor. The couple also took a photo with the star.

Katy Perry crashing wedding

Perry clearly enjoys having a hand in real couple's love stories. While performing earlier this month, she invited two fans to join her on the stage so that one of the concertgoers could propose to the other. Facilitating the engagement was a sweet gesture, especially since it occurred on National Coming Out Day. That moment was also caught on camera.


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