Make sure to plan ahead.
abby elliott bill kennedy wedding welcome bag

Welcome bags are a thoughtful way to get your guests in the wedding spirit. But sometimes the logistics of actually getting them to your friends and family can be forgotten about until it's nearly too late. If you're not sure how to go about delivering the goods, read on for a few ways to get it done.

Leave it to the hotel.

Definitely the most stress-free option of the bunch, you can always ask the hotel to handle the delivery of bags on your behalf. Most hotels charge a nominal fee, (a few dollars per bag) but it might be worth the delegation when you're so close to the big day. Plus, it's a nice surprise for guests to have a little something waiting for them in the room when they arrive. Just be sure to give the front desk a few days to organize and let their own teams know the plan.

Build your own room service.

Your squad is there to help! Whether it's your maid of honor, a groomsman, or a relative, choosing a responsible member of the party to deliver each bag is a definite possibility. Bonus points if they hand-deliver door-to-door complete with bellhop uniform.

Think beyond the hotel walls.

If you're hosting a welcome reception or dinner, your bags can pull double duty as both table decoration and favors. Line them up neatly on a table near the exit for guests to grab as they leave, or arrange them at each place setting.

Get crafty.

Door hangs that double as goody bags? A welcome guide that easily slips under a door? There are so many clever ways to make your guests feel welcome, there's no need to make yourself crazy with overly-elaborate gifts that are difficult to deliver. Just knowing their comfort and enjoyment is top of your mind is a warm welcome in itself.


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