Swipe fabric paint across a square of silk crepe de chine, then cut the fabric on the bias to make a unique tie for your posy.
Credit: Alpha Smoot


  • Butcher paper or plastic
  • Utility paintbrush in desired width
  • Silk paint
  • 1 yard silk crepe de chine
  • Iron
  • Synthrapol or other gentle laundry detergent
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins or clamps
  • Metal straight edge
  • Rotary cutter
Credit: Bryan Gardner


1. Protect your work surface with butcher paper, plastic wrap, or any clean, dye-free cover.

2. Dip brush into paint and apply to crepe de chine; let dry. Iron fabric for 3 minutes to set dye.

3. Wash with detergent to remove excess dye that hasn't bonded with the fibers; let air-dry.

Note: Using undiluted paints will yield the brightest shades, but you can mix them with water or with each other for a more subtle effect.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

4. To make the ribbons, place fabric on the cutting mat and fold it in half diagonally to make an equilateral triangle; cut off excess fabric.

5. With scissors, cut along the fold. You will be left with two triangles of fabric.

Credit: Bryan Gardner

6. Working with one triangle at a time, fold in half. Pin fabric to cutting mat (or clamp to table), with folded edge to your right. Place a metal straight edge parallel to the bottom of the fabric and use the rotary cutter to cut each strip of fabric.


Martha Stewart Crafts large brush set, $15, all-purpose scissors, $20, and rotary cutter, $25, michaels.com. Dye-Na-Flow fabric paint in hot fuchsia, $3 for 2.25 oz, and 16mm crepe de chine, $10.50/yd, dharmatrading.com.


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