Tools and Supplies

  • Ink-jet or laser printer
  • 11-by-17-inch white or cream paper (1 flowerpot wrap per sheet); or patterned or colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Flowerpots (IKEA "Mandel" pots,
  • Double-sided tape

Basic How-To

1. Open our PDF file, and choose which flowerpot wraps to print. You can print the plain white ones onto patterned or colored paper, or layer them under the image of your choice using a desktop publishing or design program. If you choose the ones with the blank medallion, you can have your calligrapher add a monogram in the opening. If your printer will not print on 11-by-17-inch paper, copy the file onto a flash drive or CD, and print it at an office-supply store.

2. Cut out the shapes with scissors, and pack flat between two layers of stiff cardboard. To attach to the flowerpot, wrap label around it and secure with double-sided tape.


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