Just because you want a fresh look for your wedding reception doesn't mean you have to purchase a second dress … or settle for simply removing your wedding veil. Changing your wedding hairstyle can be quicker and easier than you'd expect, as long as you keep your stylist in the loop and have a friend on hand to help with the transition.

1. Let it down.

You didn't trip over your shoes or your vows, you can relax a little and let your hair down! An updo-as long as it's not overly formal or structured-can be unpinned so your curls unfurl. Ask your stylist to go light on the hairspray and show your MOH where the pins are. Love the volume on top and the frame around your face? Let only the bottom bit down.

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2. A sweet side-sweep.

You set your locks free but don't want them hiding your bare back, or the minute satin buttons running up the length of your dress? Sweep your hair over one shoulder, pin it in place, and adorn with a shimmery comb.

3. Bring down the braid.

Whoever said braids were juvenile didn't see you wafting down the aisle. Your stylist braided your hair and wound it into a chic chignon; all you have to do is unwind, and pin a few flowers where the braid meets the nape of your neck.

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4. Pull it back, or to the side.

You wore it all down for the ceremony-can't go wrong with natural waves at a beach wedding! Want it off your neck and shoulders for a night of dancing? Pull it back into a simple bun, or wear it in a side braid or low side pony with a lacy headband.

5. Pin it up.

The romance of a half-up/half-down look (complete with small twists and braids) was perfect for your garden vows. Refresh for the indoor reception by pinning up the half-down section-not as difficult as it sounds when you've got the part that's framing your face already in place; the twists and braids will give your updo extra tone and texture.

6. Put some bling in it.

A little sparkle goes a long way, but a lot of sparkle is perfectly permissible-not to mention very fun! Jeweled barrettes, combs, clips, and headbands come in all styles and sizes, from floral to art deco, demure to showstopping. Or simply exchange your veil for a tasteful tiara, and you'll look and feel like a princess.

7. Wear a flower crown.

Bling not your thing? Flower crowns are regal yet earthy, and-depending on the types of flowers and arrangement-they can be clean-lined and elegant or whimsical and bohemian. There's nothing easier than putting on a crown, and it will change your hair without changing your actual hair at all.

8. Add a few blossoms.

Weaving baby's breath into a braid or pinning a large peony to the side of your bun is another quick way to work in fresh flowers before the reception. If you're worried about wilting, fabric flowers, or flowers fashioned from feathers, can look fabulous.

9. A veil of a time.

You loved every inch of your cathedral-length veil, and while you realize keeping it on is pretty impractical, tulle makes you feel bridal. Perch a vintage headpiece or chapeau that incorporates netting atop your do.

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