If you and your soon-to-be spouse consider yourselves oenophiles, make sure to pay close attention to these ideas.
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Whether you're hosting your wedding at a vineyard, winery, wine cellar, or simply love to share a great bottle of wine, you may be looking for a way to highlight your favorite varietals at your wedding. And wine not, we say! Below are some creative ideas to get you started.

Wine Tasting Stations

Sommelier Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life says, "For a wine-loving couple or wine country wedding, setting up a wine tasting station with a sommelier would be an incredible touch. Serving signature cocktails inspired by the couple has now moved beyond a trend to a wedding staple, but a wine tasting of some of the couple's favorite wines is a new and fresh spin on cocktail hour! And having a knowledgeable sommelier to present the wines is a truly unique and memorable experience for guests." Keep in mind that these stations work best as satellite bars, allowing a main bar to serve guests quickly while the wine bar can be an interactive experience that's less time-restricted.

Hidden Wine Zones

If your venue has small rooms or lounges you weren't planning to use, these are great places to display extra special bottles of wine that guests can self-serve. The space should feel cozy and intimate, with wine glasses, wine poured into carafes, and a note for guests to help themselves to the special reserve bottle. You can include a description of the wine and tasting notes, or even encourage guests to jot down some of their own tasting notes while in the space. It's an experience that's sure to get guests talking!

Wine Pairings with Dinner

When it comes to wine pairings with dinner, Tracey says, "It all depends on the crowd, and to be honest, the catering team. If you have a sophisticated, wine-loving group of guests, I think a paired experience is a fantastic treat. But keep in mind that from a service perspective this can be tough to execute (the wines have to be perfectly timed with the food service for each course, and you need to consider changing out glassware throughout the meal). If you're working with a top-level caterer who has a very experienced staff and has done a wine pairing service before, that's ideal."

A Wine Box Ceremony

For wine country weddings, wine box rituals are the latest trend. You'll visit your local winery for a special bottle that'll age well. During your ceremony, your officiant will present the bottle of wine and a customized box, announcing that it's a wine to be saved for a specified occasion (a future anniversary or milestone). Together, you'll shut the box and store it until the dedicated opening date.


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