From decorations to gift-giving, seasonal spirit is a welcome part of any celebration.
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With the holidays just around the corner, you may be thinking about ways to inject a bit of the season's cheerful spirit into your wedding décor. No matter which holidays you celebrate at home, there are some great ways to embrace the season throughout your ceremony and reception-no religious connotation necessary. Here, some of our favorite non-denominational seasonal traditions that are perfect for your winter wedding.

Consider a sparkler send-off.

New Year's Eve is favored for its big fireworks displays. If you can't manage a firework display at the end your wedding, a sparkler send-off gives the end of the night a celebratory finish.

Give gifts.

Gifts are a big part of the holiday season, no matter what your religious background. Many modern couples give wedding guests welcome bags in lieu of favors, but you might consider going back to basics and gifting guests a generous favor at the end of the night. A nice bottle of wine and a donation made in their name to a local charity, or a box of homemade holiday cookies with a note of well wishes are great ideas.

Lights, lights, lights.

The holidays are known for big displays of twinkling lights, and your wedding would be the perfect place to embrace that kind of glow. Get creative with your lighting installation and invite guests to dine or dance under a canopy of sparkling string lights.

Have a Champagne tower.

Champagne towers are popular at New Year's Eve celebrations and holiday parties alike. Celebratory bubbly will undoubtedly be flowing at your wedding, so why not build a tower and replicate the tradition?

Decorate with wreaths and garlands.

Wreaths and greenery garlands are popular during the holidays, and can be easily brought into your wedding décor in a way that's elegant, modern, and free of Christmas references. Chat with your florist about the greenery options and adding in pops of seasonal citrus for color.


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