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Beyoncé pregnant with twins

Yesterday Queen Bey broke the Internet by announcing that she and Jay Z are expecting twins. Everyone freaked out and claimed that 2017 was the year Beyoncé saved us all. How could life get better than two baby Carters joining the world? Simple: Queen Bey sharing intimate photos of momentous days in her life (think: engagement, wedding, honeymoon) on her website to celebrate her pregnancy. Without further adieu, let's take a trip down memory lane with Beyoncé and Jay Z.

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Beyonce and Jay Z engagement
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From '02 Bonnie and Clyde through Blue's birth, the On the Run tour and Lemonade, the Queen's snaps are coupled with captions that helpfully indicate which important milestone each never-before-seen shot is from. Just look at this photo of Bey and Jay in 2007 after their engagement in Paris-they look so fresh-faced and in love!

Beyonce and Jay Z wedding
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She also shared this jubilant photo from their wedding day in 2008-an event notoriously kept under wraps until her On the Run tour with hubby Jay-with her hands up in the air celebrating the nuptials, no less!

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Beyoncé and Jay Z honeymoon
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Are you even surprised Beyoncé wore a flower crown in her hair during her honeymoon in the Maldives?

Beyonce and Blue Ivy pregnancy photo shoot
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These blasts from the past weren't all about Jay, though. The superstar also shared photos of her pregnancy with Blue Ivy in 2011, Blue growing up, and nostalgic images of her mother and grandmother. Across every photo there is text that reads "I have three hearts," which alludes to her expected twins. Yoncé also released more regal photos from her pregnancy shoot, which features the adorable 5-year-old Blue Ivy already killing the role of big sis.

With Beyoncé's Grammy performance next weekend and her headlining Coachella this spring, it's pretty clear who runs the world. Don't mind us, we'll just be staring at her site for the rest of the day.

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