This is absolutely hilarious.

By Sarah Schreiber
August 20, 2019

Drake was this close to performing at a wedding. Earlier this month, a fan reached out to the rapper, asking him to sing at his upcoming nuptials as a surprise to his fiancée. After Drake named his terms (the groom-to-be needed to receive 1 million likes on a post explaining his mission and garner 100,000 followers), the fan—now known as The Drake Wedding Guy—set out to meet them.

To say that he exceeded Drake's expectations, however, would be an understatement. Since first sharing his story on August 13, the post wracked in nearly 1.3 million likes; the user's account is now followed by 250,000 people. It was looking as though the lucky (and Instagram famous!) fan was about to make his and his fiancée's wedding dreams a reality—until the "future groom" revealed his true identity.

While Drake was absolutely on board to perform at the couple's nuptials (it would only be fair, after all!), as it turned out, there weren't any nuptials to actually sing at. The fan came clean yesterday in an exchange that Drake shared on his Instagram Stories. "Hey Drake," the user wrote in a direct message. "Sorry it blew up like this. I'm a 16 year old from San Antonio and never meant for it to be like this. Huge fan of you."

Drake had a good laugh over the prank, typing "Instagram is a disturbing place" over the conversation, alongside several crying-laughing emojis. We're thinking this teenager's best course of action is to establish whether or not Drake's offer has an expiration date—and, if there isn't, tap the rapper when he is, in fact, ready to tie the knot.


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