That nobody really talks about.

Now that everyone from your elementary school bestie Lee Anne to your Great Aunt Jackie seems to be on some form of social media, you may be faced with a multitude of wedding-related social media dilemmas you never thought you'd have to think about. Once an engagement is announced, people seem to flock to Instagram and Facebook in search of a glimpse at how happy you must be.

Determining how best to navigate this new found attention can be a challenge, but luckily many brides and grooms have paved the way before you. Whether you're concerned about privacy, over-sharing, guilt about uninvited guests, what your hashtag should be, or how best to post photos, we've got you covered. Here's a bit of insight into all those social media dilemmas.

Privacy Concerns

We've all heard crazy stories about celebrity weddings and their obsessions over privacy, but you might not realize that your big day might come with some privacy concerns of its own. Whether you're worried about certain guests not wanting to be photographed, or if you don't want your wedding published at all, you should plan to have a candid conversation with your photographer about rights to photography and what they plan to do with the photos. Many photographers use real wedding photos to promote their businesses on Facebook, Instagram, and their own websites. Some may even pitch your wedding to a magazine or blog in order to show off their hard work and book more weddings. While you may be totally comfortable with this, it's certainly a conversation you should have before your wedding day.

What's Considered Over-Sharing?

The frequency with which you post to social media is certainly a personal preference, but take note of those who have gone before you. Undoubtedly you have a friend (or a few) who post daily or weekly wedding updates leading up to their big day, and then go all-out crazy posting all the photos after. A good rule of thumb is to try to think of yourself as your own magazine editor. You wouldn't publish every single photo, especially not any that are unflattering, in a magazine or on your own blog. Narrow it down to your top favorites and save the rest for your albums and prints for your walls at home.

Uninvited Guests

While it's good to be sensitive to those you've left off the final guest list, there's no need to hold back from posting your wedding photos out of fear that you'll offend someone. If you had a particularly small wedding and feel like you left out a lot of would-be guests, it's okay to post full photo albums for those folks to get a peek at your wedding day and see that it really was an intimate affair. Just don't go crazy posting photos of everyone on the dance floor.

To Hashtag or Not to Hastag?

Hashtag it up! It's so much fun to see all your guests' photos of your wedding under one hashtag on social media. You'll be rolling over in laughter looking at all the moments you missed on the dance floor while you were in the photobooth with your new hubby. Be sure to advertise your hashtag at the wedding, too. Whether you print it on the cocktail napkins or the dinner menus, you want to make sure all your guests get the memo.

Photo Sharing

One of the best ways to post your wedding photos, without being intrusive on social media, is to upload them to your wedding website. Following your wedding, you'll already be sending out thank you notes to all the guests, so you might as well include a memo in there to let your guests know where they can view, download, and maybe even print photos from your wedding. You can also set up a private album on Facebook that you can give all of your wedding guests access to, so they can share their photos, too. The most important thing is that you're comfortable sharing photos with your loved ones and they know exactly where to share their snaps too, which requires just a bit of clear communication and direction from you two as a couple.


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