Your seating chart may not be the only thing they're thinking about.
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Wedding season is in full swing from May through November, but industry professionals have noticed a major uptick in events being planned between mid-August and early-November. That means fall has become the busiest time of year for wedding vendors around the country. But it's not just your big day that's eating up the bulk of your pro's time: In addition to working on back-to-back weddings, most vendors-including planners, photographers, florists, caterers, and graphic designers-are called upon for events of all kind throughout the year. And by the time fall rolls around, those other events are really starting to gear up. Before you work yourself into a panic, remember this: Your wedding will always be a priority, but you may need to cut your planner or caterer some slack when it comes to email reply time.

To help you understand just how busy your team may be, we're breaking down nine reasons your vendors are super busy this season. Hint: It's not just the beautiful weather and great foliage that's keeping them occupied.

Fall is the most popular time of year for couples to get married.

Whether you live on the East Coast or West Coast, in the Midwest or the South, autumn weather is often the most appealing. While temperatures may be cool and crisp in the evenings, hosting a daytime wedding usually means you'll see sunshine. But that also means that your vendors may be working on multiple events at once, and are perhaps even traveling to other parts of the country to help another couple's vision come to life.

It's harvest season.

If you're getting married in wine country, you may already know that harvest season takes place in the fall. This means your vineyard venue will likely be very busy coordinating their harvest and other events in addition to helping you plan your nuptials.

Everything is in abundance.

Catering teams are swamped with food-driven events in the fall, from weddings and fundraising feasts to pre-holiday functions. As fall is one of the best seasons for produce, it's a great time of year to throw a party. Your caterer certainly hasn't forgotten about you, but they may be working at another event when your call or email comes in.

They're prepping for next year already.

When did you book most of your vendors? If you've responded with, "About a year before the wedding," you'll now understand why your pros are juggling so many tasks at once. Most vendors will tell you one of the toughest challenges of getting through an already hectic fall season is the balancing act of planning next season's events in the down time. In fact, most vendors would respond, "What down time?"

Corporate functions are rolling in.

Fall is the time of year when most corporate companies start planning their holiday parties. The balancing act continues for vendors.

Back-up plans have vendors scrounging.

It doesn't always happen, but the occasional rainstorm, snow storm, cold front, heat wave, or hurricane might be moving into town just in time for a number of weddings. This can keep wedding planners and tent rental companies booming with inquiries and problem-solving woes.

Traffic can be a nightmare.

For wedding vendors who work in areas that are considered major tourist destinations in the fall, traffic can become enemy number one. In fact, traffic alone can be a reason your vendor isn't returning your calls in their usual speedy manor.

It's convention season.

In addition to being peak wedding season, fall is also convention season in most cities. This means your hotels may be fully booked and hiring private transportation could be difficult.

They're prioritizing carefully.

Any wedding vendor who's been in the industry for a few years can tell you that fall is the time of year that their organization skills and prioritizing abilities come in most handy. If you're struggling to get a hold of your planner or graphic designer during a busy fall season, they likely aren't neglecting you but instead are managing a client whose wedding will take place before yours.


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