Let's talk about s'mores, baby. Contributing editor Peter Callahan of Peter Callahan Catering gives us the low-down on why he loves the sweet dessert sandwich, and how to serve them at your wedding.

For many of us, it seems as if s'mores have been embedded in our DNA since childhood. I know this is the case for myself. My first memory of the gooey, chocolate-marshmallow-graham-cracker combo can be traced back to Monday-night picnics on the beach in Wainscott, Long Island, where we summered when I was a kid. I spent most of my time at my grandmother's antique farmhouse, located right in the middle of potato and cucumber fields, with land stretching as far as the eye could see.

Our Monday-night picnics were somewhat of an institution. Some nights the whole small town would gather on the beach at twilight, where we would congregate below the bath houses ‎and put out steamer blankets, picnic baskets, and small hibachi grills on the beach around a huge bonfire. And of course, we all made s'mores!

This is one of my favorite childhood food memories. To this day, every time I make a s'more, all the memories come rushing back and I'm instantly transported back to a beach picnic. The same association holds true for many people, and I think this is why it's a popular treat to serve at weddings. After all, weddings are supposed to be a ‎celebration of everything you love in life, and this throwback is a favorite for many people.

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There are a couple ways to serve s'mores at your big day. Set them stylishly upon a marshmallow pedestal and pass to guests. Or, if open flames are allowed, make it interactive with a s'mores station: Give guests water-soaked (flame-resistant) willow branches as their skewers, multiple types of chocolate, graham crackers or other thin crispy cookies such as vanilla wafers, and of course, marshmallows and a fire!

Then, let your guests take it from there!

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