Summer Wedding Bouquets That Embrace the Season

summer wedding bouquets christina mcneill
Christina McNeill

Summertime's sunshine brings about some of the prettiest flowers around. So, it should come as no surprise that some of our favorite wedding bouquets were carried by summer brides. This season is also associated with bright, happy colors—another big win in the bridal clutch category. To see what we mean, check out the following slides, which showcase an array of amazing summer wedding bouquet ideas.

Ahead, you'll find arrangements featuring popular wedding flowers (plus a few unique ones) that are available in the summer. In-season varieties include everything from dahlias and zinnias to protea and clematis flowers. There are also tons of year-round staples—from roses to eucalyptus—featured here. When choosing your assortment, it's important to consider the weather this time of year. That's why we've spotlighted sturdy plants like succulents, too—they'll withstand the heat of the dog days.

You'll also find a whole bunch of definitively-summery colors, from sunshiny yellows and oranges to bright pinks and even blues. Get inspired by the diverse array of shades and how they're combined for bridal bouquets. We didn't limit our picks to "classic" summer hues, though. We've spotlighted how to pull of more creative choices, as well.

This poppy clutch with citrus accents exemplifies exactly what we're looking for in the perfect summer wedding bouquet. The Alicia K Designs arrangement had both seasonal flowers and seasonal colors. For more ideas as stunning and seasonally-appropriate as this one, click through the rest of our gallery. One thing's for sure: Each of these beautiful bouquets truly represents this unique time of year.

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Unique Wedding Bouquet

summer wedding bouquets emily sacco
Emily Sacco

Reds, greens, yellows, and blues comprised this colorful bouquet by Lalé Florals. It featured roses, greenery, and more.

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Chamomile Wedding Bouquet

bridal shower games
Lucky Malone Photography

Yonder House made this summer clutch entirely of chamomile flowers, which meant it smelled just as good as it looked.

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Stunning Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Meg Smith

How creative was this bride's Shotgun Floral Studio bouquet? It contained spray roses, fringe tulips, ranunculus, astilbe, gloriosa lilies, peonies, sweet peas, and anthurium.

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Yellow Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Ashley Sawtelle

What color's more seasonal than sunshine-y yellow? This Park Floral Design clutch included roses, ranunculus, berries, and greenery.

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Big Wedding Bouquet

molly adam wedding bride bouquet
Marissa Maharaj

This California bride carried a lavish Scarlett & Grace arrangement of peonies, ranunculus, thistle, gloriosas, pitcher plants, and scabiosa.

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Red Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Bonnie Sen Photography

Thought red was more of a fall color? Think again. This summer bride held a deep-hued Erba Flora Studio bouquet featuring in-season blooms like scabiosa, ranunculus, dahlias, and roses for her Oregon wedding.

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Soft Wedding Bouquet

summer wedding bouquets the edges
The Edges

Pops of purple clematis stood out in this summer Chestnut & Vine bouquet of foliage and flowers.

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Cascading Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Jessica Antola

The bigger, the better! This Connecticut bride clutched a dramatic assortment of dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, sweet peas, lisianthus, hypericum berries, and jasmine vine by Hana Floral Design.

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White Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Hannah Arista Photography

Smilf star Frankie Shaw chose a traditional color for her wedding bouquet but worked with a mix of summer and year-round blooms including dahlias, blushing bride protea, veronica, supernova thistle, and hypericum berries. Melody Raye Flowers designed the arrangement.

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Impressive Wedding Bouquet

bride portrait bouquet
Brklyn View Photography

Go all out with a bouquet like this July bride's. Rye Workshop made it using orchids, king protea, blushing bride protea, gomphrena, lilies, and clematis vine.

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Romantic Wedding Bouquet

white bouquet
Carrie Patterson

This Fleur de V arrangement was beautifully simple, containing dreamy garden roses and clematis flowers and vines.

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Freeform Wedding Bouquet

bridal bouquet
Clara Rice Photography

This one-of-a-kind clutch was crafted by Don Chase of Jasper House Farm. "When we met to talk about bouquets, I brought a few simple requests: include eucalyptus, keep the colors light and summery, and have a cascading look," the bride shared, and the florist certainly delivered.

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Sprawling Wedding Bouquet

summer wedding bouquets redfield photography
Redfield Photography

Can we say "wow?" This incredible early-September bouquet by La Petite Fleur could barely contain its array of colorful blooms and greenery.

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Delphinium Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Koby Brown

Summer delphinium added unique texture to this green-and-white Capri Flor bouquet.

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Rustic Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet rustic farm
Shannon Von Eschen

This rustic assortment by Greenwood Events was filled with dahlias, zinnias, delphinium, clematis, and more. Essentially, it embodied summer.

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Amazing Wedding Bouquet

rustic wedding bouquet
Lexia Frank Photography

We're not surprised that this Lake Tahoe bride's cascading clutch weighed 13 pounds! The massive Natasha Kolenko assortment spotlighted eucalyptus, protea, banksia, and passionflower.

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Wild Wedding Bouquet

summer wedding bouquets lev kuperman
Lev Kuperman Photography

Purple lupines made a creative addition to this Maine bride's bouquet by Pamela Mountain.

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Pretty Wedding Bouquet

katie samuel couple recessional
Thayer Allyson Gowdy

We love the fresh yellow, blue, and purple shades in this bouquet designed by Martha Stewart Weddings style director Naomi deMañana. Many of the blooms were plucked straight from the wedding's location—Shelter Island—and the rest were ordered from FiftyFlowers.

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Fun Wedding Bouquet

Deb & Meryl PA Bridal Bouquet
Redfield Photography

We encourage summer brides to have fun with their selections. This lively Sullivan Owen mix had "nine bark, firework eucalyptus, cosmos, clematis, garden roses, chamomile, amaranthus, dianthus, and heirloom hydrangea," shared the florist.

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Rose Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Maui Maka Photography

This romantic posy of red roses (by Clare Monica Day) matched the bride's wedding dress.

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Sunflower Wedding Bouquet

summer wedding bouquets kmd creations
KMD Creations

Embrace one of summer's biggest blooms with a happy bouquet like this Atmospheres one, which also featured heat-ready succulents and craspedia.

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Zinnia Wedding Bouquet

summer wedding bouquets cassidy parker smith
Cassidy Parker Smith

This collection of orange, pink, red, and yellow zinnias looked as if it was picked right from the ground. Kay Genovese, the bride's aunt, created it.

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Lush Wedding Bouquet

Landon Jacob

Protea, delphiniums, astrantia, leucadendrons, and rose hips made up this lush bridal bouquet by Fern Studio.

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Cosmo Wedding Bouquet

fall wedding bouquet
Jillian Mitchell Photography

Saipua created this summer bouquet—held here by the groom—using roses, dahlias, chocolate cosmos, astrantia, passion vines, and variegated hydrangea.

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Paper Wedding Bouquet

Natalie Neal

The bride's sister, the blogger behind The House That Lars Built, handmade this paper flower bouquet, which was intended to look as though the blooms were plucked from an oversized garden.

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Asymmetrical Wedding Bouquet

Sara Hasstedt

This organic arrangement, created by Carolyn's Flowers, was designed to pair formality with the feeling of wildflowers being picked from a nearby meadow. The bouquet was comprised of ranunculus, clematis, scabiosa, yarrow, lysimachia, seeded eucalyptus, and sword fern.

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Rose Wedding Bouquet

Gideon Photo

This bride clutched a mix of roses, ranunculus, hellebores, and andromeda by Twigg Botanicals for her Palm Springs wedding.

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Ombré Wedding Bouquet

Belathée Photography

This bouquet, by Sinclair and Moore, incorporated a floral-fruity mix of garden roses, tea roses, poppies, kumquats, tangerines, Meyer lemons, ranunculus, phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, blackberries, clematis, and sweet peas.

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Fresh Wedding Bouquet

Elizabeth Messina Photography

This bouquet of garden roses, lily of the valley, and crab apples picked up on the blush tones of the bride's gown at her destination wedding in Ireland. Many of the flowers were locally foraged or sourced from area purveyors by Kate Holt of Flower Wild.

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Bright Wedding Bouquet

Ashley Sawtelle

For her Colorado wedding, this bride carried a composition of garden roses, craspedia, eucalyptus, celosia, lavender, and snapdragon by Lindsey Grannis of One Fine Day Productions.

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Varied Wedding Bouquet

Jill Thomas

Twigg Botanicals chose a variety of flowers to give the arrangement a natural feel at this San Diego wedding. The diverse mix included viburnum berries, daisy chamomile, maidenhair fern, ranunculus, bouvardia, lisianthus, roses, and Japanese anemones.

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