You have other things to do, too.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Whether you're the craftiest person in the world or new to DIY projects, it's important to recognize when you're focusing too much of your attention on the wedding's DIY details and not enough on achieving your overall vision for the big day. Professional wedding planners Beth Helmstetter and Kait Rovnyak, a planner at AaB Creates, helped us identify three signs you're spending too much time on DIY projects.

A Sample Takes Too Long

Rovnyak has a pro tip you need to hear before starting any DIY project. "I suggest buying the materials for one sample. Test out how long it took to create that sample on top of the actual cost of materials. Do not forget to include the cost of your time in this calculation," she says. After all, there's a lot on that planning checklist of yours! "If something is going to take you 10-20 hours to create, it's time to think about whether it's actually worth doing it instead of hiring a professional."

Your Wedding Budget Is Dwindling, Fast

Keep an eye on your budget, because while DIY projects can offer a way to save some money on your wedding, it also can lead you down a path of spending more than you expected. Helmstetter shares some expert insight. "I've seen many couples spend double what they would've spent hiring a professional for things like invitations, wedding cakes, and flowers because of the innate trial and error that comes with the DIY process, only to end up with a subpar product."

Your Vision Gets Off Track

Helmstetter recognizes that couples who are creative and crafty may excel at DIY projects, but there are some couples that just aren't ready to take on these types of projects for such a significant event. The pressure that comes along with executing your projects with perfection might not be worth it in the stressful days leading up to your wedding. "Save yourself the time and expense by finding a professional that will collaborate with you thoroughly to execute your exact vision," Helmstetter advises, "Even if the aesthetic you're creating for the day is more of a homespun feel, consider hiring a professional that specializes in that vibe."


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