The engagement ring he chose is so unique.
Olivia Hamilton and Damien Chazelle

Director Damien Chazelle, who is best known for his hit movie La La Land, is engaged! His fiancée, Olivia Hamilton, revealed the news on Instagram. In the photo, she's seen holding up her left hand, and Chazelle is pictured kissing her cheek for the camera. While she didn't add a caption to the photo, she did make sure her new bling was in clear sight, and the pretty piece is beautifully unique.

Chazelle proposed with a split-band engagement ring with two separate diamonds. The special item is from jewelry designer Monique Péan, at least according to the tags in Hamilton's post. It appears as though Chazelle popped the question at Point Dume, a beach destination in Malibu, California.

In his acceptance speech for best director at the most recent Critics Choice Awards, Chazelle made his relationship known. "[La La Land] is a film about love, I think, more than anything," he said then. "So, I have to thank the love of my life, Olivia Hamilton."

Chazelle and Hamilton have been an item since 2015. While Hamilton has a diverse career history, she's most recently taken jobs as an actress, and even made a short appearance in La La Land, where she played a customer at a café. Along with directing stints, Chazelle has worked as a producer and screenwriter. He was married once before to ex-wife Jasmine McGlade, who also has a credit in La La Land. The couple divorced back in 2014.


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