These insider tips from the wedding-planning pros at Alison Events will help you get through your big day.

Check the Weather!

Make sure to keep your eye on the weather the week or two before the wedding, especially if you're having it outdoors! Even if you live in a place where it never rains, the world works in mysterious ways, and it's better to be prepared than blindsided by a freak summer rain shower! Also, this will give you time to add in heaters, or purchase cute umbrellas for guests if needed.

How to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day

Pack for Your Honeymoon

Make sure to pack for your honeymoon the week or so before your big day. There will be so much going on in the days leading up to your wedding, and you want to make sure you have all the essentials for your honeymoon so you're not packing in a rush (or with a pounding headache the morning after the wedding). If you are spending your wedding night in a hotel, make sure to pre-pack for that as well and ask a friend or family member to deliver it to the hotel the morning of.

Honeymoon-Packing Tips You Haven't Heard Before

Appoint a "Wedding Rep"

When you have guests coming into town, or traveling for a destination wedding, people will always have questions. Sharing a weekend itinerary for your guests helps people know where they need to be and when, but there will always be more questions. Instead of getting overwhelmed with people asking you, appoint a good friend or family member (or share your wedding planner's contact info) to whom guests can direct their questions. Trust us: It'll take some of that weight off your shoulders so you can actually enjoy your wedding!

Don't Forget to Eat!

Make sure you organize food for the morning or afternoon when you're getting ready, for you and your bridal party. Nobody wants to have hangry bridesmaids and groomsmen! Also, lay off the alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water before the ceremony ... and make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen do the same!

Getting-Ready Foods That Won't Make a Mess

Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

Make sure to confirm the final details with your vendors or wedding coordinator at least a week before the wedding. A call sheet for the day of is important so all deliveries, installs, etc. are planned out and everybody knows when they need to arrive. Make sure to provide your vendors with the day of contact/coordinator so they know who to check in and out with.

Organize Final Payments and Cash Tips

Make sure to have any final payment checks and cash tips divvied up in separate envelopes, then hand them off to a trusted friend or your coordinator to distribute to the appropriate vendor the day of the wedding.

Remember Your Marriage License

Don't forget to make it legal! Without your license, you can't get married. Make sure you and your partner head over to city hall to apply to get married-and give yourself plenty of lead time. Different states have different laws about how far in advance you can obtain the license, and it's usually only valid for about 30-90 days. Keep this in mind before setting up an appointment. Then put it in a safe place, or give it to your most responsible friend so you know exactly where it is the day of the wedding.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Remember, this is the day that you marry your true love with your nearest and dearest around to celebrate with you. You've done all you can up until the week of the wedding, you've hired great vendors, but sometimes the unforeseen happens, and that's life. Don't get wrapped up in the small stuff, all you need to do now is relax, have fun, and relish the moment!


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