Whether you've been married for one year or ten, this special occasion calls for a little adventure.

By Jenn Sinrich
March 12, 2019

It doesn't matter how long you've been married, your wedding anniversary is always special. While you can celebrate the anniversary of the day you said "I do" however you and your husband or wife other see fit, an undoubtedly exciting way to commemorate the occasion is with an anniversary trip. Not only is it fun to get out of town, but it also guarantees uninterrupted time with your spouse. If you ask us, a quiet retreat for just the two of you is the perfect way to reflect on your wedding day, celebrate the love you share for each other, and look forward to a bright future together. If you're thinking about planning your own anniversary trip, make note of these five tips from travel experts.

Choose the right setting.

If romance and relaxation are your top priorities, Jennifer Doncsecz, certified travel industry executive and president of VIP Vacations Inc., usually suggests an adults-only all-inclusive resort. "Many times adults-only resorts amp up the romance, providing rooms with guaranteed king beds and added features like jacuzzis," she says. "To enhance your vacation and create a special memory, romantic candle light dinners on the beach or a couples massage can be added."

Put your phones away.

How many times have you and your partner been out to dinner with each other only to realize that you're both zeroed in on your phones? Blame it on the society we live in today, but you don't want to succumb to that temptation on your anniversary trip. That's why the pros suggest doing your best to remain unplugged during your trip. Maybe apply a "no phone use" policy for meals or in the evening when you both get into bed. This way you carve out uninterrupted, romantic time for the two of you on your all-important vacation.

Understand your budget.

There's nothing worse than returning home from vacation feeling stressed out about the amount of money you spent. That's why honeymoon planner Stephanie Goldberg Glazer suggests being open with each other about what you can (and should) realistically spend. "Figure out what is most important to you, and where you want to spend the bulk of your money. Do you want to do private tours in the Italian countryside? Spend a few nights at a super luxurious and exclusive castle in Ireland? Get front row seats to a major sporting event?" she says. "Once you can prioritize what is most important, it is easy to create your perfect itinerary around that."

Focus on both of your needs.

This should serve as a trip for both of you as a couple and as individuals-a getaway from your hectic and busy lives at home. To ensure this, Teresa Belcher, travel agent and founder of Honeymoon Islands, Inc., recommends embracing the compromise concept. "For example, when you're picking a destination, you should both offer your top picks, then narrow it down," she says. "If you're into relaxed vacations while he's more of the active type, you can go for a hike, followed by a lazy beach day, or even alternate taking an 'active' vacation this time and a more relaxed one next time."


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