Keep your littlest guests entertained all night long.
Credit: Kate Mathis

The kids' table: a place for your littlest wedding guests to sit while their parents mingle and dine. Seating children together will make them feel comfortable and welcome, but the arrangement alone won't fend off boredom throughout the reception. Prevent rowdiness and temper tantrums-and keep parents happy-by entertaining your tiny guests with one of these clever kids' table ideas.

Coloring Supplies

What kid doesn't enjoy arts and crafts? By turning your kids' table into a creative zone, you'll keep little ones entertained for hours. Lay out art supplies like paper, coloring books, markers, crayons, and colored pencils at each place setting. Or, take a cue from the restaurant industry and use craft paper as a tablecloth, so the kids can draw without limits!

Board Games

One board game will keep kids entertained for a few minutes, but offering a variety will occupy them into the night. Choose fun games that are age appropriate for your guests and won't lose their attention (sorry, Monopoly!).

Personalized Activity Packs

If you know all the kids on your guest list, create personalized activity packs for each one. The contents should reflects the kids' individual interests, making them feel included and keeping them busy at the same time. Some possible items for the packs include legos, an Etch-A-Sketch, books, paper dolls, puzzles, and coloring supplies.

Word Search or Mad Libs

If your littlest guests can read and write, consider making a word search for the kids' table. The puzzle can include words and phrases related to your wedding, like the bride's and groom's names, their first dance song, the cake flavor, etc. Alternatively, you can create funny fill-in-the blank cards inspired by Mad Libs. Both activities can be completed alone, or guests can collaborate with their tablemates, making new friends along the way!

Customized "I Spy"

For a personal take on a childhood classic, create a customized "I Spy" game for the kids at your wedding. Include scenarios you know will occur during the Big Day ("I spy the newlyweds kissing" or "I spy people clinking glasses"), and have the kids' mark each item off an a sheet of paper. Or you can give each kid a disposable camera and have them capture the moments on film!

Kid-Friendly Snacks

While most guests will enjoy the hors d'oeuvres and entrées, any picky eaters at the kids' table may turn up their noses-potentially leading to hunger-induced tantrums. To keep littles ones and their parents satisfied, offer kid-friendly food options at the kids' table, like crackers, sandwiches, cheese, or hot dogs. Also, consider serving tasty mocktails made with soda or fruit juice to your young guests. The alcohol-free beverages add a touch of fun to the meal, and they can help kids feel included during the champagne toast.

Activity Station

Many kids get antsy when sitting still for an extended period of time. If your venue allows, consider making an activity station near the kids' table during the reception. The station can include lawn games like cornhole and life-sized Jenga, a ring toss, hula hoops, and bubble blowing supplies. As a bonus, any adult who need a break from the dance floor can participate as well!


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