Add a touch of DIY to your big-day ensemble. This veil is a cinch to make, even if sewing isn't your thing! Tulle is easiest to work with, as it doesn't fray. If you choose organza or another woven fabric, use sealant on the cut edges.
DIY Veil
Credit: Bryan Gardner


  • Fabric of choice
  • Metal comb
  • Liquid seam sealant
  • Sewing needle and thread that matches fabric color
  • Hot glue gun
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1. Choose a fabric that suits your dress, such as textured organza, fishnet tulle, silk organza, or dotted tulle, then cut it to your preferred length (our veil is 24 inches) and width (1 yard should do it), allowing one extra inch to attach the fabric to the comb. For organza, secure the cut edges with liquid seam sealant.

Veil Fabrics
Credit: Bryan Gardner

2. Make a straight stitch along the edge you'll attach to the comb; leave the end unsecured. Pull the thread until the fabric gathers to fit the comb's width.

Veil Seam
Credit: Bryan Gardner

3. Hot-glue the gathered edge to the comb and let it dry; slide the teeth in just above your bun.

DIY Wedding Veil
Credit: Bryan Gardner


Lakum "Sally" gown, $4,000, White silk organza, from $15/yd, Dritz Fray Check sealant, $3.75, 4 1⁄2-inch metal comb, $3,

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