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By Courtney Leiva
July 09, 2019
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There's no doubt about it: Summer is a wonderful time to get married, as it usually guarantees favorable weather and jaw-dropping scenery that results in incredible photography. However, there are important things to keep in mind when planning your perfect summer wedding. According to the professionals, weather, shading, and attire are key elements to pay close attention to. In an effort to help you create your very own summer wedding checklist, we talked to two expert planners about all the important seasonal details you'll want to keep an eye on. From ensuring your guests are properly hydrated to keeping bugs at bay, here are seven crucial details to definitely jot down.

Keep Shade in Mind

"It's always wise to have parasols for shade during ceremonies and cocktail hour when it's particularly hot and sunny out," says expert wedding planner Shannon Leahy. And you'll want them for more than just your guests, the pro adds. "Don't forget umbrellas for your musicians, bars, guests, and basically anyone standing around in the sun."

Get a Handle on Bugs

Depending on where you're getting married, Leahy explains that you may want to consider asking the location to spray for mosquitoes and provide candles to keep the bugs away. "It's also very helpful to have a nice bug spray available in the restrooms for guests," Leahy adds.

Plan for Rain

"It is always smart to have not only a rain plan for your wedding day but also a rainy day fund to pay for the plan if showers are in the forecast," suggests Jesse Tombs of Alison Events Planning + Design. There is nothing worse than having a large, unexpected expense two weeks prior to a wedding day, he says, making it wise to put aside a bit of the budget to cover unforeseen circumstances.

Prioritize Hydration

"Summer calls for hot days, and it is always important to keep your guests hydrated and comfortable," Tombs explains. Whatever your refreshment of choice may be, he advises making sure it is available for guests as soon as they arrive and throughout the day.

Check for Dead Grass

Your venue might have looked incredible when you booked it, but make sure to visit ahead of your wedding. The hot, dry weather can kill even the most beautiful lawns if they're not being watered regularly. "Lawns in the summer months, especially in hotter climates, tend to dry up, turn less green, and even brown in some cases," Tombs says. Since you'll want the lawn at your outdoor wedding to be bright and green, Tombs suggests working with the venue to have it re-seeded or to find an alternative solution prior to the big day if it's not looking great.

Remind Your Guests About Summer Attire

"It's important to remind your guests how to dress," Tombs advises. If you know your guests will be outside for a large portion of the day, it's a good idea to let everyone know so they can dress accordingly. "Communicating things like this to your guests will ensure everyone is informed and comfortable on your big day," he adds.

Try to Support Local Farms

"We pride ourselves in working with food and beverage companies that work with the finest local, seasonal, and organic produce," Tombs explains. Not only does it always taste better to use ingredients in season, but he adds that it is also more ethical and supports local farmers as well.


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