What's not to love about a custom filter made exclusively for your big day?

Savvy Snappers will agree: Snapchat's filters are ridiculously fun to use. The colorful, expressive, often animated graphic overlays give Snaps and Snapchat Stories a bit of flair and plenty of reason to smile. While some filters are regular features of the app, the ones that change based on your location are called geofilters-they're filters tied to specific locations, and even specific dates and celebrations. How perfect is that for your wedding day? The good news is that designing your own wedding Snapchat filter couldn't be any easier. Here, we break down your options for creating one.

Creating a Wedding Filter in the App

Thanks to an update introduced last year, Snapchat users can now create custom filters through the app itself. (Under Settings, look for "On-Demand Geofilters.") While this option is certainly convenient, there are less opportunities for customization-you can't change the font or any colors built into the template itself, such as decorative sparkles or flowers. That being said, it's a fast, intuitive setup, and you could easily create your own Snapchat wedding filter in under 10 minutes.

Creating a More Customized Wedding Filter

In Snapchat's Geofilter studio, accessible via your laptop or desktop, you'll find dozens of filter templates and more tools for simple edits and customization, including changing color palettes and fonts and adding personalized text. Take some time to play around with different templates, and make sure to browse through the options beyond the Weddings section. You might be surprised at how perfectly a template from Celebrations, Date Night, or one of the seasonal categories fits your nuptials with a little customization!

Choose Date & Location

Once you're satisfied with the look of your template, the next steps will be to select a date, time, and location for where and when your custom Snapchat filter will be visible in the app. There is a nominal fee involved with setting up the filter, but for a 12-hour period coinciding with a ceremony and reception being held at one venue, the cost might not even break $20-a nominal amount in relation to all of the gorgeous memories that will be made.

Alert Your Wedding Guests

If your besties in your bridal party are all regular Snappers, no doubt they'll discover the filter for themselves, but for maximum awareness (and maximum fun!), make a point to include signage about the Snapchat filter prominently at your wedding and reception-ideally together with any other social media hashtags or usernames that your guests need to know. Include a sentence asking guests to please save any Snaps or Stories created, and please share them with the newlyweds after the wedding. These are moments you shouldn't let disappear!


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