Spoiler alert: Ill fitted suits, be gone!
jackie ben wedding party in garden
Credit: Jen Huang

The group of close friends and family that make up your wedding party may clean up well on your big day, but quite a bit of work goes into making the crew look polished. First, there's the selection of the right attire and accessories. Then there's the personal grooming. One of the biggest details that often gets overlooked? Tailoring. A wedding party that looks like they all belong together is a group that's wearing tailored, streamlined attire. If you're looking for a way to incentivize your wedding party to hop aboard the tailoring train, offer to cover the cost and send everyone to a tailor you can vouch for. Not only will your photos turn out better, but your people will radiate more confidence throughout the celebration.

Why all the fuss about tailoring?

A poorly fitted suit looks cheap, unflattering, and plain uncomfortable for the person wearing it. We've all seen men who look like they're wearing a suit they haven't fit into in decades, or worse, never fit in to begin with. Most often, the pants are too baggy or the arms too short. Maybe the sides of the jacket billow outward, or the hem of the pant creates a crinkle at the ankle because it's too long. Similarly, bridesmaids' dresses can easily be ordered in the wrong size. Maybe the top is too tight, or the hemline is too short. This too can be uncomfortable for the woman wearing it, as she'll constantly be tugging and tucking at the dress. And forget about dancing in a dress that doesn't fit!

Why should the couple pay for this?

If you know that everyone in your bridal party is responsible enough to get to the tailor in time to have their outfit customized to their body type with their personal tailor, stick with that plan. However, for many couples, it's easier and more reliable to select a tailor to send the ladies and gents to. Coordinating the appropriate timing for this and footing the bill means you can rest easy knowing everyone will look streamlined and appropriate in their wedding-day attire.

What's the best way to keep tailoring low cost?

Ordering the right size suit or dress to begin with is the best way to keep a tailoring bill low. If you offer to pay for tailoring, it may be worth pointing out to your bridesmaids and groomsmen that it's important they order the right size for their body rather than the size they think they wear. It's common that dress sizes deviate from normal retail sizes, and the ladies may not know that if this is their first time being in a wedding party. Let them in on these secrets, leave no room for loosey goosey suits, short hems, or any of that funny business, and your wedding party is sure to be looking their best come wedding day.


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