30 Amazing Protea Bouquets for Your Wedding

protea wedding bouquets lindsay hackney
Photo: Lindsay Hackney

Protea plants, also known as sugarbushes, have become a favorite in the wedding world. The blooms—which are native to South Africa—come in a number of different varieties, and each is beloved for its unique shape or color. These include the big king protea, the unusual pincushion protea, and the aptly-named blushing bride protea. Whichever you like, we recommend incorporating it into your wedding bouquet for a bold and beautiful arrangement. For inspiration, look no further than these unique protea wedding bouquet ideas.

There's so much to love about protea flowers. For one, we're obsessed with their dramatic shapes, from the huge, star-like king protea to the pincushion protea's stringy appearance. They're also available in multiple shades. Pink is very popular, but we've seen colors like red and white, too. Considering that they also come in different sizes, they're incredibly versatile. That's why it's no surprise that the weddings that have featured protea bouquets range from bohemian to rustic. It's all about what you mix in with the exotic bloom.

To see all of the plentiful possibilities, click through this slideshow and get even more inspired. Whether you're more of a classic or modern bride, there's an arrangement that'll impress you.

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Supermarket Protea Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets wendy laurel
Wendy Laurel Photography

Consider this dreamy bouquet, which was (believe it or not) supplied by Whole Foods! The yellow, orange, pink, and green hues made it equal parts cheerful and romantic. Eucalyptus is commonly combined with protea, and as you can see, it's such a pretty pairing. If this is only one example, imagine the many ways you can make a protea bouquet your own.

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Protea and Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets vasilis kouroupis
Vasilis Kouroupis

Red Box Days filled this bouquet with protea blooms and eucalyptus leaves.

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Tulip and Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets lindsay hackney
Lindsay Hackney

Here's a surprising combination: protea flowers and tulips. This cheerful Gardenia Organic bouquet also contained ranunculus, garden roses, gomphrena, and pepper berries.

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Eclectic Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets lauren peele
Lauren Peele Photography

Have you ever seen such a one-of-a-kind mix? This protea, ranunculus, feather, and air plant Pollen Floral Art clutch had quite the list of components!

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Tropical Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets loie photography
Loie Photography

Heart-shaped anthurium leaves joined king protea and blushing bride protea (plus other tropical foliage) in this pink-and-green My Little Flower Shop arrangement.

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Big Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets kaihla tonai
Kaihla Tonai

We love this Propagate Studio bouquet's color combination of blue, green, orange, and white. Of course, the statement protea definitely ups the appeal.

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Bohemian Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets ivy road photography
Ivy Road Photography

Yellow, purple, orange, and green is another fun color combination, as this protea, craspedia, and foliage Julia Rose bouquet went to show.

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Protea and Thistle Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets madeline druce
Madeline Druce Photography

This bride carried a blue, white, and green Botanics of Melbourne bouquet, which stood out thanks to its huge protea and scattered thistle.

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Exotic Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets alexandria monette king protea
Alexandria Monette Photography

This bride's California & Florist clutch included a king protea, assorted calathea leaves, and other exotic plants.

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Wide Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets brett tori photographers
Brett & Tori Photographers

The large white protea was the centerpiece of this wide and uniquely-trailing arrangement by Seed Floral.

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Protea and Peony Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets ep anderson photography
E.P. Anderson Photography

These mega protea flowers would be jaw-dropping all on their own, but what really caught our eye was how STEM Events paired them with pink peonies.

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Pincushion Protea Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet
Rebecca Arthurs

This bride held a pincushion protea, king protea, peony, ranunculus, orchid, cymbidium, and fiddlehead fern bouquet. The Grace Flowers Hawaii arrangement also had branches of dates!

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Sprawling Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets alexandria monette
Alexandria Monette Photography

This bride carried a king protea, dusty miller, and thistle bouquet.

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Purple-and-Orange Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets mcgivern photography
McGivern Photography

We're obsessed with this king protea bouquet's palette of purple, orange, green, and white. Bluejen Florist designed the clutch.

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Ribbon-Tied Protea Wedding Bouquet

natasha nick wedding california bouquet
Corbin Gurkin

Heirloom Design House mixed hellebores, orchids, astrantia, ranunculus, and blushing bride protea into this bouquet. The whole thing was tied together with a coordinating Froufrou Chic ribbon.

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Vibrant Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets shannon lee miller photography
Shannon Lee Miller

This bride matched her Bella Lu Floral clutch (which included a king protea) to her equally-lush flower crown.

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Warm Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets dawn charles
Dawn Charles

Olive & June Floral Co. stuck with warm hues to create this protea wedding bouquet.

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Protea and Berry Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets adriana morais
Adriana Morais Photography

Here, protea flowers were paired with red-and-green hypericum berries.

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Grassy Protea Wedding Bouquet

Michael Radford

How unique was this protea, andromeda, pepper tree foliage, and pampas grass bouquet by TOAST Santa Barbara?

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Single Protea Wedding Bouquet

protea wedding bouquets picture me and you
Picture Me & U

Want to let your king protea shine all on its own? Go right ahead. This bride carried a single stem from Ruby Rain.

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Jewel-Toned Protea Wedding Bouquet

Landon Jacob

This bridal bouquet by Fern Studio was comprised of protea, delphiniums, astrantia, leucadendrons, and rose hips.

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White Protea Wedding Bouquet

Belathée Photography

Bloem Hill created this white arrangement of king protea, sweet peas, ranunculus, veronicas, poppies, and garden spray roses.

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King Protea Wedding Bouquet

Mi Belle Photography

This bridal bouquet by Mimo Florist Mexico was made up of roses, ranunculus, ferns—and one showstopping king protea. "I loved my bouquet," the bride said. "I cried when I threw it in the ocean before we came home!"

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Lush Protea Wedding Bouquet

Whitney Neal Photography

Jaclyn Journey created this lush bouquet of protea, roses, olive branch, Japanese sweet pea, fringe tulip, seed eucalyptus, lisianthus, and tarantula amaryllis.

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Fun Protea Wedding Bouquet

Joielala Photographie

This pretty arrangement from Shotgun Floral Studio included peach-and-yellow garden roses, dahlias, scabiosa, and king protea tied together with a sequined sash.

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Wild Protea Wedding Bouquet

Emily Wren Photography

Floral designer Sullivan Owen designed this wild bouquet of blushing bride protea, scabiosa, astilbe, king protea, peonies, sarracenia pitcher plant, and assorted greenery.

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Orange Protea Wedding Bouquet

JBM Photography

The Wild Bunch designed this eclectic orange bouquet of blushing bride protea, roses, seeded eucalyptus, and ferns.

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Cascading Protea Wedding Bouquet

Heather Waraksa

At this unique wedding, seasonal roses, dusty miller, astrantia, jasmine vines, and protea were used in the bride's cascading bouquet, made by Blossom and Branch.

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Pastel Protea Wedding Bouquet

KT Merry

Garden roses, ranunculus, and blushing bride protea kept this McKenzie Powell creation a little bit unstructured and gave it a gorgeous pastel hue.

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Sparkly Protea Wedding Bouquet

Gina Meola Photography

Arrangements Floral & Party Design created this bridal bouquet of coral charm peonies, king protea, ranunculus, astilbe, and tulips. They finished it off with gold sequined ribbon and a skeleton leaf.

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