Give your groom and groomsmen a boutonniere they can keep. Create these fabric leaf boutonnieres for a fall wedding or anytime of year.
  1. Select a lightweight or medium-weight suiting fabric with a prominent grain or stripe. Cut a half-leaf shape from fabric positioned on the bias.
  2. Flip the cut-out shape over, and lay it on the fabric so stripes align exactly (they'll create the effect of veins when the leaf is opened); cut around it.
  3. Machine-sew the two leaf halves together along the straight edge, as close to the edge as possible. (For leaves made of non-striped fabric, such as felt, cut a full leaf shape, fold in half vertically, and iron a crease.) Next, slip a length of cloth-covered floral wire between the two layers, extending partway up the leaf, and whip-stitch it into place. (We used contrasting thread for display purposes; you should use a thread that matches.)
  4. Open up the leaf, then press with an iron. Wrap wire with brown floral tape. Lay the fresh sprig on top of the leaf, and wrap its stem to the floral-wire stem with narrow ribbon.


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