Tools and Materials

Cutting surface

Metal straightedge

Craft knife

Fine-point permanent marker or other writing tool

Placemat How-To

To make these placemats, print our template onto ordinary paper. It diagrams the corner of the placemat; cut it out along the outer solid lines.

Determine which side of the scrapbooking paper you want to be uppermost; lay the paper flat on a cutting surface with that side face down. Lay the template on top, aligning its edges with the bottom right corner.

Place the metal straightedge along the solid lines of the triangle, and cut along those lines with the craft knife. Reposition the straightedge along the dotted line, and use the bone folder to score a crease across the end of the triangle.

Write the guest's name inside the triangle, near the base.

Stack placemats carefully so the cut edges of the triangles don't catch on anything. When setting the table, lay the paper with the name on the underside. Flip the triangle up, and press to crease along the scored line.

Paper-Cone Wreath

Tools and Materials

Cutting board

Metal straightedge

Craft knife (with spare blades)

Tacky glue

1/16-inch hole punch

Needle & thread

1-inch starburst punch

Wreath How-To

To cut the paper:

Lay paper on a cutting surface, and position the metal straightedge from corner to corner; cut with the craft knife. Without disturbing the paper, reposition the metal straightedge to the other corners, press it down firmly, and cut again.

With long edge of triangle facing up, twist the right point to the left once to create a cone. Add a line of glue to left side, and press shut. After glue dries completely, punch a hole on each side about 1/2-inch down. If using lightweight paper, reinforce the area you are going to punch with a piece of clear tape inside cone. Thread needle, and sew through point of each cone; pull thread together. Loosely pull center; tie off. Sew through punched holes at top. Use a punch to cut starburst shape and glue to center.

Banner of Flags

Tools and Materials

Cutting board

Metal straightedge

Craft knife (with spare blades)

1/8-inch hole punch

1/8-inch-wide ribbon

Gel pen or marker

Banner How-To

To cut the triangular flags:

First cut the paper in half (mark at 6 inches along left and right sides, and cut across). For each set of triangles, measure along the top edge, marking at 2 inches, then 4 inches, and another 4 inches; on the bottom edge, mark at 4 inches and then 4 inches. Cut between marks to make triangles.

Alternative method: Print our flag template, and cut out. Cut paper in half, and then lay strips face down on a cutting surface. Lay the template on the wrong side of the paper, and mark the corners. Then cut.

To assemble the banner:

Punch a hole at each top corner of every flag, and thread the ribbon through. Hang banner.

Sweet Sensations

Tools and Materials

Cutting surface

Metal straightedge

Bone folder

Craft knife (with spare blades)

Double-sided tape

Wrapped chocolate squares (these bands are sized to wrap around these chocolate squares: Chocolate tasting squares, $34.80 for 40, from Dagoba Organic Chocolate.

Sweet Sensations How-To

To cut the paper:

Use a paper cutter or the craft knife and straightedge to cut the 12-by-12-inch paper in half vertically, and then crosswise into 1 1/2-inch strips.

To make:

Print out our template, and cut out. (We've given you a few extra templates, so you will have spares if the one you are using becomes misshapen or worn.)

Lay the template on top of a paper strip. Align the metal straightedge along the dotted lines (both those at fold marks and the one at the center of the heart), and score with a bone folder, pressing hard to score the paper below. Use the craft knife to cut out the half-heart shape along the solid line.

Wrap paper strip around stack of chocolates, folding at score lines and securing underneath with double-sided tape. Stack assembled favors carefully so the cut edges of the hearts do not catch and tear.

When favors are set out, fold half heart back along scored line, and position to point straight up.

Table Numbers

Tools and Materials

Paper (stiff, heavy paper works best)

Paper cutter (or a metal straightedge and a craft knife)


Rubber stamper

Stamp ink

Table Numbers How-To

To cut the paper:

Use a paper cutter or a metal straightedge and a craft knife (with a fresh blade) to cut the paper in thirds, resulting in three 4-inch-wide strips. Use a straightedge and bone folder to score a line across each strip at the center. (This project works best with stiff, heavy paper; if you are using lightweight scrapbooking paper, cut card stock into 4-by-12-inch rectangles; or, cut into 4-by-6-inch rectangles, lay them flat with ends touching, and apply tape across the seam to join.)

To make:

Print out the template for our stamping frame. Cut it out along the outer lines, then cut and remove the inner rectangle (use a craft knife and straightedge; or, if using scissors, pinch the paper slightly in the center of that rectangle, and snip across the crease to create an opening for inserting the scissors).

Lay the template on top of a paper strip, aligning the bottom of the frame with the end of the strip. Ink your stamp, and hold it just above the opening in the frame, aligning the edges of the stamp block with the edges of the opening. Press the stamp onto the paper firmly, then lift smoothly away.

Spin the strip, and repeat the stamping process on the other end.

Let ink dry completely, then fold paper strip at the scored line to make a tent.


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