To look especially radiant on your wedding day, and to create a timeless look for your photographs, Martha Stewart Living television makeup artist Eva Scrivo offers a few helpful makeup suggestions.

Before applying any makeup, clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your face. Then, using a makeup sponge, evenly apply foundation that has been mixed with moisturizer, pressing into the chin and cheeks and around the nose (the foundation should disappear completely into your skin). To set the makeup, dust your face with loose powder using a powder puff then use a small, flat-haired brush to cover blemishes with concealer; for a fresh, healthy look, brush a bright-pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks.

For your eyes, choose a cream-colored shadow that matches your skin. Start with the lid, and work your way up to the brow bone. Cover the lid with a taupe shadow, which complements most skin tones, using your fingertips to blend the shadow. Instead of lining your eyes from corner to corner, simply enhance them at the outside corners using a pencil. Then, lightly move the pencil along the outside corners of the top and bottom lashes. Blend with your fingers, curl your eyelashes with curler, and apply mascara.

Coat your lips with lip balm, then line with a lipliner a shade or two darker than your lips regardless of the lipstick color. Add a dot of lipstick, work it over lips, and finish with a dusting of shimmering powder along the cheeks for an instant, subtle glow.


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