Credit: Jonathan Kantor

Give guests sprightly bouquets of their own: arrangements of 'Ping Pong' mums, chamomile, and lady's mantle (or other blooms to fit your color scheme). The flowers are held in small plastic floral tubes filled with water. Cones of decorative green paper hide the tubes (for how to, see below). Then, pairs of the bouquets are propped in glass cylinders customized with bands of grosgrain ribbon around their bases. Narrow bands of green paper wrapped around the napkins and taped in back serve as place cards.

Tools and Materials

You will need glass cylinders, 5 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter; 1 1/2-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon; scissors; double-sided tape; plastic flower tubes; sturdy decorative paper; flowers; and our cone template.


Mini Bouquet How-To

1. Cut ribbon to fit around base of each glass cylinder, and tape in place.

2. Make paper cones: Using a template, trace and cut out as many as you need. Curl into cones, and tape.

3. For bouquets, remove lower leaves from the flowers, and trim stems. Fill plastic floral tubes with water; insert flowers. Slip tubes into paper cones, and place a pair of bouquets in each glass cylinder.



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