Everyone wants to feel like they're part of the ceremony, so make sure loved ones get the details.
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If a bride and groom practice different religions, they may decide to honor each of their unique backgrounds with an interfaith wedding ceremony. This type of celebration combines a mix of different beliefs and traditions typically associated with two (or more) different faiths. If you've decided to plan a celebration that pays homage to both of your backgrounds, you'll want to be sure guests on both sides of the aisle have an understanding of what's going on. Here, easy ways to inform guests about the ceremony.

If prior knowledge matters, tell guests early.

If you and your groom are both very religious and plan to incorporate many traditions into your ceremony, an understanding of what's happening far in advance can be extremely beneficial to guests. Should guests be expected to be involved in the ceremony-through things like prayer, song, or readings-you may want to debrief them early. Similarly, if you're planning to have to back-to-back ceremonies, one for each of your religious backgrounds, you'll want everyone to be aware of the timing.

Share word on your invitation.

No, you don't have to explicitly say, "We're hosting an interfaith ceremony," but subtle language will tell guests what to expect-and what not to. For example, instead of inviting guests to a union of "Holy Matrimony," invite them to a celebration of your "marriage" will inform them that they won't be attending a traditional Christian celebration.

Explain certain rituals on your wedding website.

Your guests will surely visit your wedding website before the big day, especially if you include an enclosure card with the details in your invitation suite. If you want to give a more detailed explanation of your interfaith ceremony, consider mapping out the key details in a section here. Guests can get familiar with certain religious traditions in the months or weeks leading up to your wedding if they so choose.

Outline everything in your ceremony program.

If you're creating a program for your ceremony, this is the perfect place to give a brief explanation of each element of your interfaith nuptials. Be sure to take extra care in outlining any unfamiliar customs of each faith so that guests can follow along, and provide translations of any readings or prayers that may be shared in a language not everyone is familiar with.


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