Her answer will surprise you!
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Cameron Diaz opened up about her marriage on The Ellen Show and things got a little introspective. "Someone asked me, 'What's your favorite thing about being married?'" said the actress. "'Well, I just learned so much about myself. I didn't know these things.' And I was like, 'I would have never known them if I didn't meet my husband, who helped me.'" So sweet!

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But there's more: Diaz, 43, joked that she would give the same answer if someone asked her the worst thing about being married. "I learned all these things about myself that I wish I never learned about myself and I wouldn't have known them if I didn't get married," she said. "So it's like this double-edged sword. But I'm just so grateful for it because I couldn't do it without my husband and I couldn't do it with anybody else except for him." Way to turn a negative into a positive, Cameron.

Diaz and Madden made their eight-month relationship official back in January of 2015 at their home in Beverley Hills. They kept the wedding super secret. Case in point: No one, outside of their immediate family, knew they were tying the knot until hours before the actual ceremony.

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The couple were friends long before they turned their relationship into a romantic one, and Diaz totally gets the importance of having good relationships in your life-and not just romantic ones. "Our relationships are very, very important-any kind of relationship, it doesn't just have to be a marriage," she told Ellen. "Think of it as a purpose for living. Even if you're just engaged in something you really think is important. But I do think that marriage, my experience with it… when you can grow with someone, it's very important." Couldn't have said it better ourselves!


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