The singer had a hand in designing his fiancée's new accessory.
Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin Engaged
Credit: Getty Images

Though Justin Bieber's quick engagement to on-and-off-again girlfriend Hailey Baldwin shocked his fans, the "Purpose" singer had been carefully planning the proposal for quite some time. His dedication to popping the question in the best possible way began with sourcing a ring he knew his future wife would love. According to Jack Solow, a private jeweler at New York City's Solow & Co., where the star bought the diamond, Bieber put time and effort into this process.

"Justin did have a hand in selecting the diamond because I sent videos to his team," Solow told People. "I know him through [his manager] Scooter Braun. When it came time to find a ring, Justin asked Scooter and said, 'I'm ready to pop the question,' and he said, 'There is only one place to go, ask Jack.'"

As for Bieber's main engagement ring criteria? "In the end, Justin wanted something that would gracefully accentuate Hailey's beautifully-shaped hands," explained Solow. "We settled on an oval stone that was just exceptional in its length and grace. Look at her hands-she's exquisite." After deciding on the stone, Bieber gave the jeweler "a few weeks" to make the custom bauble, which is reportedly be between 6 and 10 carats.

Solow explained that the groom-to-be was thrilled with the final product, and even more excited to propose. "Justin gave this a lot of thought. When I saw him, I think he was very happy about what we did together," he continued. "He was in a very good head space for the decision he was making."


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