When a piece of jewelry is much more than bling.
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Credit: Kayla Barker

If you've been married some time, you may be thinking about upgrading your engagement ring. You'd love a new diamond (and by "new," you mean "bigger"), or a fancier band that can accommodate small side stones. But before you start shopping for a ring do-over, take a moment and consider a few of the many reasons you may choose to forgo upgrading your engagement ring.

It wouldn't be the ring he picked out for you.

You'd known something was up that day because he seemed nervous. When he suddenly got down on bended knee and asked you to marry him, you started crying and said "Yes." He pulled out a velvet ring box, opened it, and there it was: The most beautiful ring that you'd ever seen. When he placed it on your finger, you thought you would burst with happiness. If you changed the ring now, it'd be like changing history! There's something to be said about keeping-and loving-the ring he chose with you in mind.

You shouldn't alter an heirloom.

Instead of giving you a new ring, he gave you his late grandmother's. You know how close the two of them were so wearing her ring made you feel incredibly special. You loved the ring's backstory (his grandfather worked three jobs to afford it) but not the old-fashioned design and tiny diamond. You've been wearing it for years: How do you tell your husband you want to change it? Would it still be his grandma's ring if you traded up? If you do decide to go ahead and upgrade, make sure your guy is totally on board.

You can put the money towards something the whole family can enjoy.

No one questions whether you deserve a flashier new ring-you're the family's rock and very deserving of it. But instead of getting some new bling for yourself, think about using the ring money to take the family away on vacation or buy something everyone can enjoy together. Think of the memories you can make rather than a new ring on your finger.


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