40 of Our Favorite Floral Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece
Kristen Kilpatrick

Almost every wedding reception includes centerpieces, and, more often than not, those centerpieces feature fresh flowers. We can't blame brides and grooms for sticking with tradition—it's not often that you get to fill your day with gorgeous blooms, making it easy to choose floral table décor over any other option. If that's not reason enough, flower arrangements often come with heavenly scents, which only seems to make them more irresistible.

The only problem with decorating your reception with floral centerpieces? The inspiration is nearly endless. Couples have been incorporating these arrangements into their celebrations for years and years, so the backlog of ideas is extensive. How can you sort through the huge array of options to pick a style that's right for you? And how can you make your assortments stand out from everything that's been done in the past? Lucky for you, we've been in this game for a long time, too, and we're here to share our favorites.

Classic or modern, simple or creative, there's no wrong way to include flowers in your wedding centerpieces. That's why we've highlighted a range of decorations, to get your wheels turning no matter your taste or celebration theme. Ahead, discover flowers you've never heard of, color combinations you never thought of, and arranging techniques that'll blow your mind. Find what you like and share it with your planner or florist. They'll work with your wedding's season and budget to help you make your vision come to life. No matter what you choose, rest assured you can create something cool and beautiful.

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Modern Centerpieces

ana and damon reception table decor
Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Collective

Small white buds were placed in glass holders on these farm tables, making for a surprisingly-modern setup.

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Muted Centerpieces

rachael cameron wedding table centerpiece
Mary Claire Photography

At this romantic wedding wedding, vases were filled with muted roses and dahlias, while smaller bud vases held similar mixes. Tapered candles in brass candlesticks flanked the assortments of blooms.

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Spring Centerpieces

wedding centerpieces
Lacie Hansen Photography

These sprawling, springtime centerpieces contained tulips, lilacs, daffodils, and more. "We wanted the arrangements to use a new combination of blooms so that it felt as if guests were walking through a lush garden," floral designer Natalie Bowen shared. "Soft colors and sweet scents filled the air."

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Autumnal Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece flowers
Jose Villa

This barn was completely decked out in autumnal-hued blooms. Garlands of leaves, hydrangeas, peonies, and dahlias hung from the beams above, and complementary arrangements were placed on the tables below.

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Fern Centerpieces

wedding placesetting
Lauren Kinsey

Flowers were mixed with variegated foliage at this wedding, and created a casual, organic, and wild vibe.

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Enclosed Centerpieces

glass centerpiece
Leslee Mitchell

Encase unique blooms in something clear (like lucite) for a futuristic look.

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Lush Centerpieces

jessica and kris bryant table
J. Anne Photography

This athlete's wedding flowers—including roses, cosmos, hellebores, and ranunculus—were so full and perfect, they almost didn't look real.

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Woodsy Centerpieces

wedding table setting floral fern
Corbin Gurkin

Dahlias, yarrow, freesia, astilbe, peonies, and garden roses combined to create a woodland effect at this wedding.

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Warm Centerpieces

melissa michael pink floral centerpiece
Rebecca Yale Photography

These blooms gave off a warm glow in the setting sunlight. The centerpieces included scabiosa pods, roses, calla lilies, protea, and orchids.

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Boho Centerpieces

stephanie jared wedding place setting
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

Colorful, low arrangements of flowers were paired with pampas grass at this wedding.

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Tropical Centerpieces

Wedding centerpiece
Marissa Maharaj

We love the tropical foliage included in these petite table vessels.

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Citrus Centerpieces

Wedding centerpiece
Koby Brown

Capri Flor created this refreshing centerpiece. White flowers, greenery, and lemons were used in both standing arrangements and matching table garlands.

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Leafy Centerpieces

daisy eugene wedding centerpiece
Jaka Vinsek

Bridget Visozo designed these seasonal centerpieces, which featured roses, peonies, anemones, pepperberry branches, golden raintree pods, sorbus berries, and foraged foliage.

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Hanging Centerpieces

hanging flowers
Wendy Laurel Photography

If you need more proof that using flowers overhead and on tables is a great idea, just take a look at this colorful reception setup.

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Sparse Centerpieces

Lavender and Twine

Sometimes all you need are a few, clear vases filled with single-stemmed flowers like roses, cosmos, and ranunculus.

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Garland Centerpieces

weding centerpieces
Kristen Kilpatrick

These impressive garlands were filled with fresh fruits and seasonal flowers.

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Candle Centerpieces

candle centerpiece
Love & Light Photographs

White blooms and greenery wrapped around candelabras like these look formal and romantic.

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Nautical Centerpieces

julie anthony real wedding centerpiece flowers sailboat
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

Bright roses and dahlias were arranged in vessels and set beside boats on these nautical tables.

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Red Centerpieces

abby elliott bill kennedy wedding table
Corbin Gurkin

At this celebrity celebration, gold compotes were filled with roses, assorted berries, dahlias, and andromeda in shades of red.

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Ombré Centerpieces

ombre centerpiece
Michael + Anna Costa

To really wow your guests, create an ombré effect, like this fiery one.

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Cloched Centerpieces

wedding cloches
Bryan from For the Love of It

These decorations actually appeared beside seating cards, but would look just as lovely in the center of your reception tables. To recreate the fairytale-worthy look at your party, cover your favorite blooms with cloches.

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Unique Centerpieces

steven yeun walking dead wedding flowers on table
Sally Pinera

The one-of-a-kind centerpieces at this celebrity event were arranged using acacia, spirea, dried oregano, and calla lilies.

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Organic Centerpieces

emily sam wedding centerpiece flowers
Chuck Baker

This industrial-meets-organic display was dreamt up by the bride's mom, Martha Baker. Branches from beech trees, lisianthus, astrantia, nigella, cosmos, and Queen Anne's lace were just a few of the plants included.

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Summery Centerpieces

katie samuel reception table
Thayer Allyson Gowdy

These amazing centerpieces had a stunning palette of yellow, purple, and blue, and put gomphrena, scabiosa, roses, lilies, yarrow, delphiniums, clematis, and bachelor buttons in the spotlight.

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Centerpieces in Roller Skates

deborah meryl wedding guest book flowers
Redfield Photography

Want your vessels to be more original? Try using roller skates, like these creative brides did.

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Full Centerpieces

wedding tablescape
Jessica Antola

These centerpieces were practically bursting with blush and cream blooms and extensive greenery.

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Trough Centerpieces

natasha nick wedding california centerpiece
Corbin Gurkin

Roses, ferns, and more were arranged in a wooden trough as an unexpected centerpiece at this ranch wedding.

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Moody Centerpieces

lori john wedding california flowers
Steve Cowell Photography

This couple opted for darker assortments, using roses, strawflowers, lugustrum berries, and ferns. Their Petals and Pop florist, Theresa Anderson, deemed the theme "funky romance."

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Dreamy Centerpieces

wedding table
Carrie Patterson

Clematis mixed with nigella flowers and garden roses in a purple-and-pink palette are as dreamy as it gets.

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Single-Stem Centerpieces

samantha michael wedding tablenumber
Ryan Ray Photography

At this celebration, single stems were placed in clear vases. They were flanked by taper candles, proving that the simplest arrangements can often be the most interesting.

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Whimsical Centerpieces

jackie dave wedding tent
Dear Lovers Photography

Here, mismatched, pastel vessels held small assortments of flowers. Overhead installations stuck to the same color scheme.

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Pink Centerpieces

pink centerpieces
Cassidy Carson Photography

Don't be afraid to play with unique flowers—there's nothing wrong with being different. If you're worried about being too out-there, you can always stick to a single color in various shades to tame the blooms a little.

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Romantic Centerpieces

Love, The Nelsons

These floral arrangements had roses, snowberries, sweet peas, and olive leaves.

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Overflowing Centerpieces

Heather Payne Photography

These dynamic centerpieces from Philosophy Flowers featured a variety of roses as well as ranunculus, pomegranates, scabiosa, bay leaves, passion vine, and wildflowers.

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Simple Centerpieces

Mademoiselle Fiona

Poppies & Posies created these simple, "romantic garden"-inspired centerpieces.

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Centerpieces in Meaningful Vessels

Annabella Charles Photography

This bride's grandmother's silver collection made for gorgeous centerpiece vessels. Each held either hydrangeas or lisianthus, along with roses, astilbes, pepper berries, and assorted greenery from Lark Foster.

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Rainbow Centerpieces

Belathée Photography

At this vibrant wedding, each table showcased a single-color centerpiece, while the head table stood out with a rainbow, ombré arrangement from Sinclair & Moore.

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Succulent Centerpieces

Bryce Covey Photography

This couple wanted to keep their centerpieces short so that guests could see (and talk) over them. The long tables held low arrangements of succulents, amaryllis, roses, tulips, freesia, grevillea, and ranunculus from Mindy Rice Design.

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Macramé Centerpieces

NBarrett Photography

Bows + Arrows created these hanging, macramé installations. The pots held assorted plants like hydrangea, protea, bottlebrush, ranunculus, poppies, and greenery.

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Colorful Centerpieces

Jessica Antola

These lush centerpieces from The Green Vase consisted of garden roses, peonies, delphiniums, ranunculus, blueberry vines, chamomile, dusty miller, and sweet peas.

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