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The last time Nicole Kidman was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, things got a little awkward. So awkward, Kidman said she "so didn't want to come back" on the show. About a year ago, Kidman revealed that Jimmy Fallon passed up the opportunity to ask her out on a date way back. In fact, it was more like Fallon didn't even realize he was on a date with the Australian actress. But last night, Kidman said there was more to the story.

Apparently, Fallon had the chance to make up for it when the two saw each other again at a party at director David Fincher's house. "It was when Brad [Pitt] and Jen [Aniston] were still together, so it was a long time ago, and you could have asked for my number then … and you still didn't ask for it," Kidman told the host. "We were lurking in the kitchen after everyone went out and I'm like waiting and waiting and waiting. This is so true and you know it!"

After telling the story, Fallon poked fun at Kidman by staring at her wide-eyed while "Dreamweaver" by Gary Wright played in the background. Then, Kidman's husband, Keith Urban, showed up unexpectedly: "He wanted to come on and take care of me while I'm on the show," Kidman told Fallon.

Urban surprised everyone by singing "Dreamweaver" and then planting a big kiss on Kidman. That's right-she's his girl. The two were giggly for the rest of the interview, proving they are still as in love as they were when they got married in 2006.

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