The Prettiest Spring Engagement Photos

couple and cherry blossoms engagement
Amy Rizzuto Photography

You might be dead-set on a specific season for your wedding, but you probably have less of an idea or preference about when you'll take your engagement photos. As with most wedding-related decisions, you have a few options to consider before you reach a final verdict. While some couples choose to snap these one-in-a-lifetime shots just days (or moments!) after the proposal, others wait until they're exactly a year out from the big day to kick off the 365 days until the wedding. Of course, some duos disregard both and simply take these couple portraits when their favorite season rolls around.

If you fall into the latter camp and your favorite season happens to be spring, you're in luck. We've compiled some of the prettiest springtime engagement photos we could find—and they're proof that this season is the ultimate backdrop. Complete with cherry blossoms, just-blooming gardens, and reinvigorated landscapes, these images capture more than just the essence of spring, however. They also reveal the symbolic beauty of the period, which is a time of renewal and growth—the perfect metaphor for the married life] you're about to build together.

To kick off his series of springtime engagement images, we're giving you a preview of the couples to come. Christina and Tyler's couple session took place in Central Park, at peak cherry blossom season. "It's such a beautiful time of year in New York City," said photographer Amy Rizzuto. Ahead, more engagement sessions that just might inspire your own.

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Garden Romance

couple smiling under trees engagement
Garima Singh Studios

Andrea and Shan met (and fell in love!) in college—five years later, over a candlelit dinner, Shan presented his future bride with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. When it came time to scout and engagement photo session location, the couple knew that the ideal place would channel that moment's epic romance. Enter Parkwood Estates in Ontario, Canada. "It was the perfect choice, with beautiful gardens and historic architecture," explained Andrea.

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Cherry Blossoms

couple engagement embrace with pink flowers
The Willetts

When Courtney and Nic reached out to Caroline and Gregg Willett of The Willetts, they had a general idea of how they wanted their engagement session to go. Their main requirements? A shoot spot in Atlanta's midtown area (their favorite!) that was also off the beaten path. The photographers knew they'd struck gold when they happened upon this hidden park, which was alive with springtime's best bounty: cherry blossoms. "Along came this gorgeous park and these stunning blooms, and it was complete magic!" the shutterbugs explained.

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Botanic Gardens

couple piggy back engagement photo
Jessie Caballero

"Jordan and Ethan wanted to be surrounded by lush nature and lots of greenery for their engagement session," said photographer Jessie Caballero. The nature requirement made sense in the context of the couple's love story—Jordan actually proposed to Ethan in front of a waterfall in Costa Rica—and was ultimately what led them to the South Coast Botanic Gardens in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. "It was the perfect spot for them," added Caballero.

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A Floral Arch

couple walking under floral arch engagement
Erin Wilson

Little Rock, Arkansas, natives Melissa and Michael knew that they wanted to put their hometown on display during their engagement photoshoot. The session took place at a historical house downtown, which perfectly showcased the in-bloom region. "It was springtime in Little Rock and we wanted to showcase the beautiful fresh greenery and florals of the season," explained photographer Erin Wilson. The property's grounds and gardens—complete with the prettiest flower arch!—did just that.

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Over the Bridge

couple laughing on bridge engagement photo
Handcrafted Pictures Co

Jin and Ceresse used their engagement session as an escape from their daily urban lives in Melbourne, Australia. Just an hour outside the city, the duo stumbled upon the sleepy country town of Warburton—the perfect woodland getaway. It was there, while walking a riverbank with their photographer Ernest Lew, that they discovered this old-swing bridge. "It was built in the late '50s and had been lovingly restored to its present glory," said Lew. "It took us back to a simpler time when life moved at a more relaxed place—and was exactly what we wanted for the photoshoot."

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Springtime Twirl

couple twirling on front steps engagement photo
Emily Wren Photography

Paige and Sean's engagement session was years in the making. The duo met eight years ago and had "the best week-long relationship of our lives," said the bride-to-be. They were on borrowed time—Sean was in the Navy and Paige was in college, so they both knew their strong connection had to be put on hold. That bond endured for five years. At their first opportunity to be together, they "jumped right into love," said Paige. A year after Sean's Santorini proposal, the couple celebrated their epic love story on the steps of the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, surrounded by lush greenery.

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couple embrace on bridge engagement
Charisma Photography

Christopher never saw this engagement shoot coming, simply because he wasn't engaged (yet!) to his longtime boyfriend, Daniel, when he pulled up to Forest Park in St Louis, Missouri. "Daniel reached out to me to tell me his plan. He wanted to set up a couple session for the two of them and then, once he got the nerve, he was going to get down on one knee and pop the question," said Christina Ahlheim of Charisma Photography. The early spring proposal went exactly as planned—and led to several emotional shots (like this one!) later in the session.

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Nature Walk

couple in nature engagement shoot
Betty Globa Photography

A mutual love of travel and hiking inspired Lauren and Duc's North Cascades National Park engagement photoshoot. The beauty and serenity of the Washington State scenery provided more than just a stunning backdrop, however—it also reminded the duo of what matters most. "To cherish each and every moment with each other and to not dwell on the stresses of life," they said.

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Palm Springs

couple with dog and flowers engagement photo
Rebecca Yale Photography

New York natives Mallory and Surge traveled to their wedding location (Palm Springs, where it's always spring!) ahead of their big day for their engagement session. "It's a very special place to them," said photographer Rebecca Yale. Just as special? Their pup, Buffy, who took the trip with her parents, was clearly ready for her photo opp. "They adore Buffy and including her in the photos was a necessity. We even created a little floral wreath for her to wear!"

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In Bloom in Pennsylvania

couple by pond and flowers engagement
Leigh G Photography

"What we love most about spring sessions are the stunning flowers and how green everything is," said photographer Leigh Grames of Camren and Kelsey's engagement shoot. Though it was the couple (high school sweethearts who dated all throughout college!) that brought the session to life, their Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, site only added to the romance.

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Dirt Path

couple walking on greenery path engagement
Winter Lotus Photography

Since their wedding was scheduled for October, Felicia and Nick opted to take their engagement portraits in the spring for a different look. As a nod to the season, the bride-to-be chose a floral dress to match the scenic park backdrop in Calgary, Canada.

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A Meaningful Spot

couple hugging engagement photo
Abby Jiu Photography

Though Chlesea and TJ decided on Virginia's Manassas Battlefield for their shoot together, the spot held extra meaning for the bride-to-be. "The bride likes to walk here with her family, so we found this hidden spot along the trail," explained photographer Abby Jiu.

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Cherry Blossom Walk

couple hugging under tree engagement
Emily Wren Photography

Shortly after Carson proposed to Gina in Philadelphia's Longwood Gardens—which he rounded out with a surprise engagement party at their home—the couple chose another natural location for their engagement photoshoot. They spent an hour wandering around the banks of the Schuylkill River, which is a "great location to capture cherry blossoms in Philadelphia," said Wren.

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Lilac Season

couple holding hands engagement photo
GingerSnap Photography

"Paige and Kyle wanted to incorporate lilacs into their engagement session, since they met at The Lilac Festival here in Calgary, Alberta," explained photographer Jenny Hayles of GingerSnap Photography. This specific requirement led the trio to Lougheed House, a beautiful heritage building with white balustrades, staircases, and, of course, lilac bushes. "We waited until the timing was right for the blooms and shot on a gorgeous late spring evening," added Hayles.

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Southern Views

couple and dog spring engagement photo
Aaron & Jillian Photography

A springtime walk through Charleston's Charles Towne Landing Historic afforded Rachael and Paul views of the gorgeous trails, beautiful marshes, 100-year-old oak trees, and Spanish moss galore. The experience was made that much better by Petey, their French bulldog.

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engagement photo couple walking by pond
Haley Elizabeth Photography

Cody and Katelyn, plant, flower, and nature lovers, knew that Pittsburgh's Phipps Conservatory would be both the ultimate homage to their relationship and the best-possible location for their engagement photos.

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Classic Virginia

couple walking on estate engagement photo
Heather Kidd Photography

Monica was so in love with her selected wedding venue—the gorgeous West Manor Estate in Forest, Virginia!—that she and her fiancé, Christian, had engagement portraits taken there, as well. "They fell in love with the classic Virginia look and the elegance of the ballroom and atrium, where they later had their wedding," explained photographer Heather Kidd. They were just as taken by the grounds, which made for the prettiest pre-wedding shots.

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Boat House

couple on steps engagement photo
Kayla Tiffany Photography

For Erica and Vince, there's nothing like spring in Brooklyn, which is why the pair headed to Prospect Park for their engagement session. This particular shot was taken in front of the Prospect Park Boat House—one of the duo's favorite spots.

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An Early Spring Morning

couple popping champagne engagement photo
Caitlin Free Photography

Since Helena and Gavin's engagement session spot—High Park, in Toronto, Ontario—was also a main tourist attraction, the couple and their photographer, Caitlin Free, were up at the crack of dawn to ensure they had the area to themselves. "We got to the park at 5:45 a.m. before the sun rose to start our session before the crowds made their way to the park," explained Free. That early start was worth it, though, since the location was so special to the bride-to-be. "We chose High Park because it was close to Helena's heart—her mom loved cherry blossoms and she used to visit High Park to see them bloom. We thought it would be a nice remembrance and tribute."

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Field of Flowers

couple sitting in flower fields engagement
Mighty Fine

"The incredible Mount Wilson at the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, is probably as close to the perfect couple shoot location as you're likely to get!" said photographer Michelle Human of Mighty Fine. "It's impossible to feel anything but overwhelming love in this place." That was especially true for Larissa and Stuart—the now-newlyweds met online!—who snapped engagement photos at the flower-filled field in the middle of spring.

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