Inspired by dream catchers, this fresh DIY accessory by Ron Wendt will add a bohemian touch to your wedding look.
Credit: Courtesy of Ron Wendt


  • Pipe cleaners/chenille stems
  • 1" wide organza ribbon
  • Magnatac craft glue
  • Raffia ribbon streamers
  • Fern fronds
  • Partridge feathers
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Credit: Courtesy of Ron Wendt


1. Twist two or three pipe cleaners together to make two separate lengths long enough to go around your head. Allow for a few extra inches because you will lose some length when you twist them together.

Credit: Courtesy of Ron Wendt

2. Place a dab of glue at the end of the pipe cleaner and wrap tightly with organza ribbon, securing the finished end with glue.

3. Twist the two ends of the pipe cleaners together, and continue to twist them about every inch, a full 360 degrees.

Credit: Courtesy of Ron Wendt

4. Gently pull the pipe cleaners apart between the twists so there is an oval opening. You should end up with a helix-like length. Twist the two ends together to form the wreath. Place a dab of glue where the ends meet and wrap with a piece of the ribbon to conceal.

Credit: Courtesy of Ron Wendt

5. Tie thin ribbon (we used raffia ribbon streamers) at each twist point across the back to help secure the base. You can also use the raffia ribbon to tie decorative bows in the front, as pictured.

Credit: Courtesy of Ron Wendt

6. Dip the ends of the fern fronds and feathers in glue and to the wreath. (Dipping is less messy than applying the glue directly-and less likely to damage what you've created to this point.) Continue to decorate with ferns and feathers all around the wreath, until you feel it's as full as you want it. For more adornment, tie or glue fern fronds and feathers to the raffia streamers.

Credit: Courtesy of Ron Wendt

8. Once you've completed your head wreath, try it on and see if you need to add more ferns or feathers. If you find that you have threads of glue on your finished piece, hit it with a medium-heat blow drier for a few seconds, and it will melt them away-much easier than trying to pick them off, and less damaging.

Bonus: After wearing, hang and dry to wear again, or use as a decorative dream catcher.


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