Yes, it's possible to handle your own big-day beauty as an attendant.

By Nicole Moleti
September 06, 2019
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Credit: Peter Ardito

As a bridesmaid, your emotional, physical, and financial duties can seem endless. Often, young women saddled with the weight of wedding-related obligations might search for ways to save money—one place many 'maids decided to cut back is by doing their own makeup on the big day. For others, especially those with sensitive skin or a very particular look they look, you simply feel more comfortable leaving the fate of your face in your own hands. It's entirely possible to do your own makeup for your friend's wedding, but it's important to follow a few simple guidelines so that you don't stick out from the rest of the group. This is especially important if the rest of the party is having their makeup professionally done.

Consult with the bride.

If everyone else will be having their makeup taken care of by the pros, it's a thoughtful gesture to make sure the bride has no issues with you doing your own. Once she gives the okay, ask her what kind of makeup look she would like the bridesmaids to have on her wedding day. Most times, the bride will say she'd like you to do whatever you like best, but it is always best to be sure she doesn't have something specific in mind.

Visit a makeup counter.

Whether it's to chat with a professional or to pick out a few products meant especially for the wedding, it's important to assess which products you have and which you may need to add to your arsenal. Unless you are a makeup junkie, chances are you don't have everything you need for a special event.

Take note of the theme.

Be sure to take note of what everyone else's makeup looks like before you start on your own. If the whole party is wearing heavy, dramatic makeup, amp up your application a bit. Likewise, if everyone is sporting a natural "no-makeup" look, be sure to keep yours toned down as well. In the event that everyone is doing their own makeup, have a chat with the rest of the bridesmaids to make sure you're all on the same page. You don't need to match, but your looks should be unified.

Copy the accent.

Most makeup artists will choose one or two lip colors for the entire party, or else a special accent, like a sparkly eyeshadow. Whatever accent it is that the pros are using to unify everyone's looks, be sure to replicate it as best as you can. If everyone is wearing a red lip, don't wear a clear lip balm; likewise, if everyone is wearing a sheer lip, don't wear red. Try to make your beauty look blend in with the crowd as much as possible.

Give yourself some staying power.

The beauty of having a professional artist apply your makeup is that he or she understands how to make your look last throughout the entire event. You don't want to be that one bridesmaid with eye makeup smudged or blush that has disappeared. Give yourself the same edge that professionals have by using products that promise to stay put. Apply primers before makeup and setting products after, and use as many waterproof products as possible.


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