Her whirlwind speech was definitely one-of-a-kind.
little girl giving wedding toast
Credit: America's Funniest Home Videos via YouTube

Wedding toasts are a big-day staple, but that doesn't mean they're always easy-breezy. While we'd all love the people honoring us to give the perfect toast, reality paints a different picture, and it's often pretty hilarious. This wedding didn't fall victim to a wild maid of honor or best man, however. Instead, it was a little girl who took center stage.

America's Funniest Home Videos recently shared a clip that will warm your heart. The wedding video shows a young guest addressing the bride and groom. As soon as she takes the mic and starts her speech, you know you're in for a treat. Beginning her monologue with a reflection on her life, she quickly puts her audience in stiches. "When I was a baby," the little orator begins, before rapidly becoming incoherent. (Let this serve as a warning to other speech-givers-always prep in advance!) Nonetheless, you can tell she's saying something meaningful, based on her serious concentration.

After a bout of rambling and plenty of pauses, she delivers something we can all get behind. "I love you and I'm so happy that you got married," she shares, addressing the happy newlyweds. She also took time to compliment their looks, saying "I like your suit, and you look beautiful." How cute is that?

Everyone can learn from this little one's funny recovery-when all else fails, turn to gushing and praise! Watch the video above, and prepare for a good laugh.


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