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Fun fact: Through the eyes of an astrologer, your anniversary isn't just the celebration of the day you and your partner chose to say "I do," but also the birthday of your marriage. That's why it's so important to tie the knot during a time of year that's compatible with both of your signs, signaling the start of a happy, healthy, and zodiac-sanctioned marriage. Here, astrologer Kim Tigar explains the best wedding month for each sign.

Aries: April

Since you're full of fire and relentless energy, you'll want to channel that sense of leadership and responsibility into your marriage. Tigar says Aries enjoy the spring, since it breathes a new life after the dull winter. You also have a competitive streak, so you'll likely want to be the first down the aisle in the New Year. For that reason, Tigar suggests setting an April date. Plus, Aries love the freshness of the air and the beautiful flowers of the spring, especially daffodils and tulips.

Taurus: July

Though Taurus is an Earth sign, making you grounded, determined, and steadfastly loyal, you also tend to prefer the finer aspects of life. For you, luxury is worth the price tag for a great experience, Tigar says. That's why a destination wedding in the heat of summer, with expensive Champagne and breathtaking views, is the ideal. Tigar suggests choosing a five-star resort on a private island-or at least somewhere with a sandy ceremony spot and a sunset view, depending on your budget.

Gemini: October

You go with the flow, but you're also easily bored and forever-inquisitive; in short, you have no issue bouncing between various interests, places, or conversations. Match your ever-transforming spirit to nature with an October wedding. "You love variety, so the ever-changing colors of the leaves in fall make a great backdrop for your wedding. The crispness and chill in the air add to the excitement," she shares.

Cancer: January

When you imagine your new life with your fiancé, you likely don't see visions of fancy dinners and international getaways. Instead, imagine the two of you snuggled up in the home you've built together. Tigar says home and family are at the forefront of a Cancer's priority list, so a wintertime wedding will make them feel comforted. For your best chance at having a snowy wedding day (that's lucky too, right?), Tigar says to send your save-the-dates for January.

Leo: July

If there's anything you love, Leo, it's the limelight. Though they won't always admit they love being gushed over, Tigar says Leos are likely to be the ones who get lost in romance and fanfare of a wedding. This is why you will prefer to get married in the heart of wedding season in the month of June, complete with what Tigar calls "a big ceremony and an even bigger reception!"

Virgo: May

As hard as you try to roll with the punches, Virgo, having a firm grip on plans usually rings true for your character. As Tigar explains, it's important for every little detail to run smoothly for a Virgo, with everything carefully and thoughtfully planned. Though you're a lover of the Earth and would prefer a springtime wedding, it might be a safer bet to choose an early May date, so you can insure those April showers stay away.

Libra: February

Tigar explains of all the zodiac signs, Libra is considered the romantic, so they will be happy to get hitched any time of year-in their minds, it's going to be absolutely perfect no matter what. To double-up on the heartfelt factor, Tigar suggests selecting Valentine's Day to increase the lovey-dovey factor.

Scorpio: November

When you're in love, Scorpio, you're in it to win it. You're passionate, intense, jealous, loyal, and a little apprehensive about getting too close, too fast. That's why getting married in the month of November, which you're the ruler of, will serve you best. You'll be more at ease and confident than at any other time of the year. "November is cool enough to extinguish some of the flames, but not cold enough for the snow," Tigar says.

Sagittarius: December

Your partner values your free-spirited, independent, travel-loving mindset. Getting married was likely never something you dreamed of, but once you met the right person, you were probably ready to tie the knot ASAP. "A December elopement will definitely peak their interest. Just as long as there is plenty of time for celebrating," Tigar says.

Capricorn: March

Most Capricorns are over-workers, with a strong, stubborn mindset and serious attention to detail. For you, structure and tradition reign supreme, so March would be your best bet for a wedding date. "It is a good month to take time off from work for a honeymoon, then get right back to work," Tigar says.

Aquarius: August

When it comes to planning a wedding, you want anything that's different, unique, and straying far from rules. Because you're unique and aloof to your core, a simple ceremony with bare feet and whatever-you-want-to-wear is ideal. For your nuptials, think of late summer. "The sizzle of the August heat and the likelihood of a sudden rain shower makes it a good choice for an unpredictable wedding," Tigar says.

Pisces: September

As a natural-born intuitive, a September wedding blends together the warm of the summer and the chill of the fall, creating an inspiring landscape for your wedding and marriage. "Pisces loves art, beauty and music and are deeply emotional," Tigar explains. "September offers the perfect month for Pisces to feel the merging of the earth with their intuitive gifts."


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