Can you really wear anything you like?
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Accessories play a huge part in your overall wedding-day look, but what about those details that you'll never even see-namely, your shoes? "You typically can't see your shoes when you're in your wedding dress. It may peep out when you're walking, but typically your gown will graze the ground or be right above it," says Kirsten Johnson of Emma and Grace Bridal Studio. If you, like most women, are wearing a wedding dress that will hide your shoes throughout the ceremony and reception then you may be wondering if the style really matters all that much. Here, Johnson offers her opinion on whether or not your big-day shoe style matters if you won't be able to see them, plus her best shopping tips.

If you can't see them, consider comfort first.

In the event that you really won't see your shoes at all, Johnson says to worry less about style and focus on total comfort instead. That doesn't mean you should wear your everyday gym sneakers, though. "Our advice is to pick a more comfortable shoe that you love and can wear them again and again after the wedding," she explains. It should be something that you find special-it is your wedding, after all!-but that you know you can wear for hours and can get use out of for years to come.

Be true to yourself.

Comfort is important, but so is expressing your style and choosing something you really love, the pro says. "If that means rocking out a stiletto, booties, or sandals, then do it. You should love your shoes and feel good in them!" says Johnson.

Think of it as an investment.

If you've been eyeing a specific pair of shoes for years, this might be the time to splurge, Johnson says. If you can invest in a pair that you can see yourself wearing forever, then now is the time to do it-whether or not they read as "bridal" is irrelevant. Tons of women wear nontraditional shoes on the big day since they're hardly seen. If you love them, find them comfortable, and will wear them in the future, then they're the perfect pair for your wedding.


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