How to Get Wedding Guests to Sign Your Guest Book

Make it so appealing, everyone will want to stop by!

wedding guestbook
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Imagine a newlywed couple recently returned from their honeymoon looking through their guest book expecting to see pages and pages of well wishes and marriage tips from loved ones. But the book is mostly empty. How disappointing! A guest book is supposed to be a keepsake to look back on for years to come, so you'll want to do everything you can to get your family and friends to sign it. Consider these attention-getting tips.

Put the book at the entrance.

If they see it, they will sign it. Put the guest book on a table in a very obvious place by the entrance to the reception to increase the chances of folks stopping by to sign before heading to their seats. It'll help to station someone there, too.

Attach a decorative sign.

It'll be pretty clear to everyone what to do when they see a large attractive sign that reads "Please sign our guest book!" Or make it playful: "Leave your mark-sign our guest book!"

Make it gorgeous.

Decorate the setting where the book is stationed on a table with a draped tablecloth and beautiful vase of flowers, family wedding photos in pretty frames, or glitter balloons-anything that will catch someone's eye.

Station an influencer by the book.

Your lively teen cousin who knows how to get the party started is the perfect person to encourage arriving guests to sign in instead of walking by.

Substitute an interesting object for a book.

Guests may be intrigued by an unusual "guest book" and make a point to sign it. Globes, wooden silhouettes of the bride and groom, vintage record albums, picture post cards, pumpkins for an autumn wedding, or a wooden bench make fun alternatives.

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