Keep your wedding wallet-friendly.
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A wedding isn't just a major investment for the couple and their families, but also for the bride and groom's attendants. Bridesmaids in particular tend to shell out a significant amount of money for the big day-between paying for the dress and accessories and to have their hair and makeup done, being part of a wedding can set your 'maids back big time. Of course, they're happy to take part in your day, but they'll be even happier if the price tag associated with the walk down the aisle is kept in check. Here, four simple ways to help minimize costs for your bridesmaids.

Let each woman select her own dress.

If you like the idea of mismatched bridesmaids' dresses, choose a color (or a color family) and ask each of your attendants to purchase her own big-day look, allowing everyone to shop at a price-point they're comfortable with. Give specific guidelines for what you'd like the dresses to look like, or ask each attendant to send you photos before they buy. If you don't like the dress, you can guide them towards another style.

Be flexible about shoes.

A new pair of shoes can set your 'maids back big, so try to be flexible about shoe options. If you can choose something that most women already have-say, a nude heel-even better. This gives your group more flexibility to decide if they want to purchase a new pair and allows them to spend what they feel they can.

Give big-day accessories as wedding gifts.

You're already planning to buy thank-you gifts for each of your bridesmaids. To save them some money, buy necklaces or earrings that your attendants can all wear on your wedding day. You'll save them some money while also having a little more control on everyone's overall look-a win-win!

Remember that their time is a gift, too.

If you feel like your bridesmaids are spending more on your wedding (and wedding-related events) than you originally thought, consider their time as their gift to you. It's a really kind gesture to tell your bridesmaids that they shouldn't feel obligated to bring a big-day present, as all they've done for you is the greatest gift you could ask for.


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