30 Hilarious Valentine's Day Cards

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These funny Valentine's Day (and Galentine's Day!) cards are sure to make them smile.

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Clay Lipsky

You are serious about each other, but that doesn't mean you have to be super serious about February 14th. Lighten up the mood with one of these funny Valentine's Day (and Galentine's Day!) cards. We found laugh-out-loud love notes that are perfect for your S.O.—and a few silly sentiments for your bridesmaids, too!

Look at My Phone Card, $4.50, emilymcdowell.com.

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It's a Sign!

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of People I've Loved

A Sign, $5, peopleiveloved.com.

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Get Cozy

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Etsy/CypressCardCo

Sweatpants of My Life Card, $4.50, etsy.com.

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Do the Math

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Emily McDowell Studio

Love Pie Chart Card, $4.50, emilymcdowellstudio.com.

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Conversation Hearts

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Valentine Sweetheart, $4.50, riflepaperco.com.

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For the Netflix Fanatic

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Ladyfingers Letterpr

Stranger Things Card You're An Eleven, $5, ladyfingersletterpress.com.

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Swipe Right

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Ladyfingers Letterpr

You're the Best Thing I've Ever Found on the Internet, $5, ladyfingersletterpress.com.

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Give In Easy

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Etsy/RowHouse14

Ok. You Win. I'm Yours., $4.50, etsy.com.

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You're Hot, Then You're Cold

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Etsy/fishcakedesign

Pizza Card Letterpress, $6, etsy.com.

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A Keepsake

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Paper Source

Card in a Drawer Valentine Card, $3.95, papersource.com.

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For That Spark in Your Life

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Hammer Press

Firework Love, $5, hammerpress.net.

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For Life

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of GrimmAndProper

Funny Valentine's Day Card, $4.50, etsy.com.

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Day-to-Day Plans

Valentine's Day Card
Courtesy of Paper Source

Love Doing Absolutely Nothing Card, $3.95, papersource.com.

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The Perks of Being a Valentine

Courtesy of Little Low

Valentines Perks Card by Little Low, $4.50, etsy.com.

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Perfect for Lottery Lovers

Courtesy of Scratch Off Greeting

Um, I Love You Scratch Off Card, $4.50, scratchoffgreetings.com.

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A Way to Fuel the Fire

Courtesy of The Social Type

You're Still the Hottest Guy in the Room Card, $4.50, thesocialtype.com.

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Let's Be Real This Valentine's Day

Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

In Spite of Your Flaws Card, $1.80, riflepaperco.com.

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That's True Love

Courtesy of People I've Loved

I Like You I Love You Card, $5, peopleiveloved.com.

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Piece of My Heart

Courtesy of Ello There

I Love You to Pizzas Card by Ello There, $5, etsy.com.

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Multiple Choice Valentine's Day Card

Courtesy of Ladyfingers Letterpr

Cat Love Card, $5, ladyfingerspress.myshopify.com.

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Love Boat

Courtesy of Hammerpress

Soulmatey Card, $5, hammerpress.net.

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Courtesy of Jelligun

I Hate Everyone But You Card by Jelligun, $4.25, etsy.com.

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As Phoebe Buffay Would Say ...

Courtesy of ajarofpickles

You're My Lobster Card, $4.24, etsy.com.

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That's How Much I Love You

Courtesy of designforhandmade

I Would Put My Phone Down To Hold Your Hand Card, $4.46, etsy.com.

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Happy Galentine's Day

Courtesy of bestplayever

You Poetic Noble Land Mermaid Card, $3.72, etsy.com.

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Valentine's Day Plans

Courtesy of TheHipsterHousewife

You Had Me at Let's Stay in and Watch Netflix Card, $4.99, etsy.com

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Modern Love

Courtesy of TurtlesSoup

Tinder Right Swipe Card, $4.00, etsy.com.

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The Choice is Simple

Courtesy of witsicle

Will You Be My Valentine Card, $4.50, etsy.com.

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Honest Valentine's Day Card

Courtesy of GrimmAndProper

People are the Worst (Except You) Card, $4.50, etsy.com.

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No Cold Feet Allowed

Courtesy of sadshop

You Keep My Feet Warm Card, $5, etsy.com.

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