Read this before talking yourself out of your dream wedding away.

Planning a destination wedding is no small feat, especially when you factor in the potential difficulty of communicating with vendors in another time zone and the possible language barriers. But rest assured, there are plenty of benefits to hosting your wedding at a far-flung locale, too. From the impact on your to-do list to the intimate feeling of a weekend-long wedding in paradise, there are plenty of perks for couples who choose to go global with their venue selection. Here, five surprising benefits of throwing a destination wedding.

You can have a small wedding.

It can be difficult to keep your guest list on the smaller side if you're planning a local celebration. But for couples planning a destination wedding, a smaller wedding is usually expected. Due to the nature of a multi-day destination wedding, there's a greater feeling of intimacy and guests get to spend more quality time together. If you're able to buy out a small hotel, it's a pretty incredible experience to be surrounded by only your loved ones all in one place for a long weekend.

You'll have fewer decisions to make.

Depending on where you'll be celebrating, it's likely that your options could be much more limited in terms of everything from vendors to flowers. While that may seem limiting to some, it's freeing for others. By having fewer resources, you'll have fewer decisions to make, and that can alleviate a lot of the stress of planning a wedding.

Site visits are really fun.

You'll likely need to plan one or two trips to your chosen location to check out the spaces, meet with the coordinator, attend a menu tasting, and take various meetings with vendors. While it's a lot of work for a two or three day trip, site visits can be a blast, especially if you're able to schedule in adventure time. Think of it as a pre-wedding honeymoon to get you both on track with the planning.

You'll have an automatic anniversary trip destination.

Going back to the place where they exchanged wedding vows is an emotional and nostalgic activity for any couple on their anniversary. Imagine how much more exciting that would be if that location was somewhere exotic or out of the norm. You basically have a built-in anniversary celebration spot when you choose a destination wedding location.

You can have two weddings.

Because the guest list for a destination wedding is typically more limited than a local celebration, many couples choose to also throw a party when they return home. It's not a necessity, but the option of wearing your wedding dress twice and having a chance to celebrate with all the folks who couldn't hop on a plane is really special.


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